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Angela Gallo
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Angela Gallo
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Womb Warrior
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Perth and Mandurah
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Birthing Doula
Australian doulas
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Womb Warrior © celebrates birth by treating it as the magical, life-altering experience it is. I honour women, by recognising their strong and generous nature. I believe in their body's ability to birth in true physiological form, but understand that what is normal/natural for one, may not be for the other. I believe that it is a mother's right to say, 'My body, My baby, My birth, My choice.' I do not judge, and I understand that every woman is on a journey of their own.

Birth is an opportunity for me to connect with people, on a level that is most nourishing to my soul. I laugh, I cry, I get frustrated, I become elated with joy...small moments that become massive emotional learning curves. Every woman I support is a window; giving me valuable insight on every mother that has lived before me, and every mother that will ever be. The primal vocalisations that escape their mouth, the fire in their bellies, the physical endurance, the personal sacrifices & compromises they make, in order to make way for their child...it connects me to generations of women long before my time. This is what compels me to pursue my passions - the feeling I get in being involved with something I LOVE, a force of nature I bow down to...

I'm but a small piece of this enormous puzzle...and yet, I feel so damn privileged to play any part in it at all.

Call this your opportunity to invest in the company of a Doula or Photographer who will support and empower you in ways you didn't think possible. With humour, with heart, with commitment...I look forward to sharing conversation, a cup of tea and every trick I've got stuffed up my sleeve!
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Birth Photography
Lifestyle Photography
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Birth Doula