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Annika Chipps
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Annika Chipps
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Midginbil, NSW 2484
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Qualified in 2008
Doula Category
Birthing Doula, Postnatal Doula
Certificate of Doula Education, Optimum Birth. Diploma of Massage & Natural Therapies.
About / Bio
Hi, I'm Annika. I'm a mum of two teenagers, and was inspired by my own birth experiences to support other women in labour and beyond.
I believe that childbirth is a natural event that unfolds differently for every woman. With dedicated support for you and your partner, you will be free to let your birthing experience flow, in whichever way suits you. I work hard to keep your birthing space feeling safe and peaceful. I'm cheerful and down to earth, and just love the magic and power of women working to bring babies into the world, in a way unique to each individual. My desire is to help you discover your own way, not to tell you how I think you should be. We will explore your own needs, fears and expectations, and design a doula experience tailor made to you and your family.
Annika is calm, relaxed and reassuring. She was a great support late in my pregnancy with a breech positioned baby, offering ideas for postural support and homoeopathy to encourage the baby to turn. However, our baby was determined to be born breech! I went into labour spontaneously, unfortunately hospital policy was strictly caesarean birth for breech babies. Being prepared and educated about this possibility beforehand helped us to feel ready for the procedure and not disappointed. Annika supported me in early labour and remained with me after the birth through recovery time and meeting our baby. She also visited me after we went home and had great tips for breastfeeding and baby care. I feel that we had a better experience with a doula. Thank you!
Services Offered
Birth Doula - support during pregnancy and chilbirth.
Postnatal Doula - support at home, including tidying up for you, cooking, caring for partners and little ones.
Pregnancy massage, Nutrition and safe natural therapies for pregnancy, childbirth and parenting.
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