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Erin McBride
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Optimum Birth
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What an honour to be with a woman and her family as she brings new life to the world. There is no work more important, more satisfying nor more enriching then this. A gentle entrance into the world is possible, as too is a gentle transition to motherhood. I believe my greatest skill is holding a safe space, listening and accompanying a woman as she journeys within. The birth of our daughter at home in 2009 certainly intensified my knowledge and love of birth.
"There was such peace in my heart knowing we had Erin by our side for the birth of our son" (Kellie). "I didn't know how the birth would unfold but I did know no matter what happened Erin would be there and would support me all the way" ( Kate.) "The relationship you share with your doula will touch you and your babies life forever (Alice).
Services Offered
Full antenatal preparation, home or hospital birth support, postnatal care.
Other Skills
Additional skills include: Homeopathy for birth and babies, extensive library, referral network to other health professionals, facilitator of ceremonies.