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My name is Bonnie Britton. I became a doula because I believe that a woman's transition into motherhood is a powerful and unique time and I think it should be recognised as such. I understand that women experience pregnancy, labour and the postpartum period differently and I am sensitive to a woman's unique wants and needs. As I doula, I would be receptive to your wishes and assist you in achieving them as best I possibly can. I believe that one of the most important things for a positive birth experience is that you feel as though the birth is yours. Please contact me for more information.
Wanting a natural birth, Bonnie played a huge role in making this happen. My husband was unsure at first about having a third party present, however after the whole experience there is nothing we would have wanted to do differently.

Bonnie kept me focused on the birth. When the contractions were very strong I would look at Bonnie and ask her how many more? Of course she couldn't give me an answer but the positive look in her eyes only gave me the strength to carry on. With her help I got to deliver our little boy just the way we hoped, if not better!

Bonnie helped with so much, from the massaging, keeping me as comfortable as possible, reminding me to move into different positions, through to the question of pain relief and giving me the strength to carry on without it- remembering my birth plan.

I would, without hesitation, recommend Bonnie to anyone seeking the services of a doula. We found Bonnie's services for the birth of our first child exemplary. Her professionalism, sensitivity, and genuine personal care made it all so wonderful. We would not have wanted it any other way- she is a natural.

The only way you'll appreciate the benefit of Bonnie at your birth is by having her there to experience it yourself.

-Katie and Matt
Services Offered
I provide an obligation free first meeting. If you wish to hire me as a doula, I then provide:

2-4 prenatal meetings, as required.

Unlimited phone and email support throughout your pregnancy.

24hr on call service from 2 weeks before your estimated due date.

Continual support for the entire duration of your labour.

1 -2 postnatal visits.

All of this is flexible depending on the needs of each particular client.
Other Skills
All my clients are welcome to borrow anything from my reference library. I have several books and stacks of scholarly articles on various aspects of childbirth.

I provide my clients with a personal timeline of their labour and am happy to take photos during and after labour, if requested.

I am happy to photograph or video tape your labour

Practised in acupressure for birth

I offer placenta encapsulation - contact me for information