Bree Downes
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Bree Downes ~ Birth Doula, Birth & Motherhood Photographer, Pregnancy Henna Adornment
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Bree Downes Birth Support & Photography
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0412 504 326
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10 years
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Birthing Doula
Birthing Wisdom ~ Rhea Dempsey
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I have three children who's arrivals have completely opened my heart to who I am, and to what is possible. My two beautiful boys, whose births took me on a massive journey. My first birth concluding in a Caesarean after 'failure to progress'. Then the process of planning a VBAC birth with my second son, resulting in a repeat, yet empowering Caesarean. And finally my darling daughter, who was birthed naturally into my arms in 2010. This journey, combined with my training with Rhea Dempsey in 2009, has enabled me to support both pregnant and labouring women in their journey to motherhood. I have a special interest in VBAC, having experienced and achieved it myself, and I am also passionate about intensive pre-natal preparation. My calling is to provide women with the wisdom, information and power that I wish I had leading into my first son’s arrival. I am also a Birth Photographer and am able to include this into any part of your birthing journey.
We were lucky enough to meet Bree and have her be a part of our sons birth journey into this world. What we didn’t know when we were trying to get pregnant was that this wouldn’t just be a journey for our son James but one that we all went on and discovered so much about ourselves in the process. Bree prepared us in every way possible for the actual labour, what we wanted and what happened were completely different things and without her we would have walked away with a lot of trauma but because of her I felt completely prepared and in control of everything and our little man made his grand entrance into this world exactly how he was meant to and we are so proud of everything that happened. Bree is the kind of person who becomes a part of your soul tribe, your story and your heart. She is a world of knowledge about so many facets of pregnancy, we wanted to do things our way and she helped us navigate the western medical system and supported us no matter what. She knew exactly where I was at during my pregnancy both physically and emotionally and was a huge support at a time where I thought I knew what I needed from reading books but her experience, support and knowledge far outweighed anything I had read. We will be forever grateful that we were lucky enough to meet Bree and cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone who is lucky enough to be able to have her as a part of their story, her passion for what she does is beyond inspiring, most people have a job but she has a purpose. Our story would not be what it is without this amazing person, we cannot thank you enough for being who you are.
Brooke & Daniel

Bree photographed my pregnancy and birth which was an extremely special moment. Her professionalism is second to none, but it's more her passion for birth and women that meant I connected with her on such a deep level. She was respectful of my birth space and I am so glad I had the opportunity for her to be there to capture my successful VBAC and to share that joy with her. Her photography skills are amazing - to me she captured the essence and soul of my pregnancy and birth. The photos are so special to me and simply stunning moments. I couldn't recommend Bree enough as a birth photographer, and even though she wasn't specifically my birth support person I know how passionate she is about birth and women and how comfortable she made me feel and I have no doubt that she would be an amazing addition to any birthing team. - Briallen Britt

We were so fortunate to have Bree support us throughout my pregnancy and through the birth of our son. Bree was a treasure trove of information and wisdom, able to guide us to what was needed with overwhelm or fear. The passion she has for supporting women throughout their pregnancy and through the birth, shows in the generous time she offers and sacred space she holds.
Navigating around the western medical system would have been impossible without the support and knowledge of Bree and we are so grateful to have her by our side and share such a wonderful experience. - Meg Landman
Services Offered
Pre-Natal support and childbirth education, Birth doula, Photographer, Birth Debriefing, Henna adornment, Pelvic balancing and optimal fetal positioning coach.
Other Skills
Birth & motherhood photographer, Henna artist, Optimal fetal positioning coach