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Bree Hall
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Bree Hall
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Gladstone and Surrounds Doula Services
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Birthing Doula, Postnatal Doula
Childbirth International
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I am a mother of nine beautiful children each with their own special personalities and birth stories. I have had varied birth experiences from caesarean to home birth. After preparing for my last baby I realized how passionate I was about birth so studied to become a doula. Haven't looked back - love my job.
Bree has been fantastic and was with me every step of the way through my pregnancy (listened to all those silly questions you have when you are pregnant) with good advice. Helped plan and organise for the birth, with techniques for hubby to be a part of the labour. Unlike my first this labour was all I had dreamed of and more. My birth was such an amazing and empowering birth experience. I hope that other women can reach out for that extra support because it makes the world of difference. T.P Nov '14

A big shout out to the amazing Bree and the work she does. I just gave birth to my 3rd but the way I hoped and dreamed! Bree coached me through the pregnancy and birth and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect delivery. I got my VBAC, drug free! I couldn't have done it without her advice and belief in me and confidence in my ability to get the birth I wanted. I would never give birth again without a doula! H.B Dec '14
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Birth and post natal doula services. Rebozo, massage, oils, labouring at home, breastfeeding support, birth pool
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