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Bronwyn Hamilton - Before Birth & Beyond
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Before Birth & Beyond
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(02) 43 44 49 42
Central Coast, Newcastle & Northern Sydney areas
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Birthing Doula, Postnatal Doula
Optimum Birth
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Hello, I am an experienced Accredited Doula of 10 years, Conscious Birth Educator of 7 years and mother of two beautiful young adult sons, both born naturally in hospital.

I believe giving birth is the most sacred and profound personal experience any expectant woman and her partner will ever have and is one that deserves to be honoured, cherished and respected however, wherever and with whomever she chooses to birth.

As your doula I am here to assist you and your partner in whatever birth journey awaits you offering you continuous lovingly one-on-one support - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually throughout your prenatal, birth and postnatal periods. *** I have supported many couples over the past 9 years in a variety of births including Vaginal, VBAC's, Waterbirths, Calmbirths, Hypnobirths, Homebirth's, twins, elective and emergency Caeasareans, inductions, medicated and non medicated births for first time mothers to fifth time mothers in birth centres, public hospitals, private hospitals and homebirths throughout Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle and Hunter Region.
From past clients...

"I can genuinely say that having a dedicated trained and experienced doula like Bronwyn should be a birth right of every woman giving birth...

I cannot express enough how much difference your pre-natal and birthing assistance made in a host of positive ways and having you as my doula for my last of birth was the ultimate...

You have been so comforting and supportive, both during my pregnancy and at the birth of my baby, even calling to see how we're going since birth...

You took the 'burden' of being my main nurturer from the father of the child, which was a great comfort and support to him..."

Jan, mother of Izac - fifth baby.

"I liked the way you presented information in an unbiased fashion with the intention of educating rather than trying to persuade me with any personal views. I felt I was able to make well informed choices about my pregnancy, labour and birth and felt very much supported, no matter what my decisions about care were...

During labour you were very responsive to my needs and adapted to the situation with ease. You kept me focused and I felt safe knowing that you were there to look out for me and ensure that my wishes were respected...

Thankyou for supporting me on this incredible journey that is birth. I will always look back on Jack's arrival into this world with fond memories."

Vaneeta, mother of Jack - second baby - VBAC

"Bronwyn provided me with spiritual, emotional, physical and practical support throughout my pregnancy and the labour. She regularly contacted me from the outset of our first appointment to see how I was going, particularly when she knew I had problems or issues that concerned me and she was always a ready ear and available if I wanted to discuss concerns or issues between appointments...

She provided me with a vast amount of information and research on birthing and pregnancy that I found invaluable and would not otherwise have discovered nor had the time to find...

Most of all Bronwyn put myself and my partner at total ease throughout the pregnancy so that we felt completely prepared and positive about the actual birth. Without her my partner feels he would not have been as at ease and thus able to assist as he did at the birth of our son..."

Tiffany, mother of Oliver - first baby.
Services Offered
I offer my services as far north as Newcastle, throughout the Central Coast and northern areas of Sydney.

Initially, I will meet with you and your partner for an "Introductory" visit to find out about your Pregnancy and Birthing needs and explain to you about my services and role as your doula. This visit will also allow us the opportunity to meet and decide if I am the right person to support you both and your baby throughout this extremely important and special time.

I will then met with you and your partner for 3-5 visits depending on your needs, getting to know you both and providing you with information to deepen your knowledge and experience of childbirth.

I will help you to conceptualize your ideal birth and develop a birth plan to suit your personal needs.

I will support you (both) in your decisions, without any judgement.

I will remind you of the importance of surrendering to your body's own innate wisdom of knowing how to give birth calmly and with joy.

I will suggest to you a number of strategies to remove any fears or anxieties you may have around giving birth, which will greatly minimize the need for any medical interventions.

I will offer you continuous one-on-one support from the onset of established labour (or whenever you need my support) up until after your baby is born using massage, hot/cold packs, aromatherapy, homeopathics, breathing and visualisation techniques, words of encouragement and lots of nourishment and love. I am also available to be your photographer although I am not professionally trained.

I will stay with you after your baby is born until you feel ready for me to leave.

I will come and visit you and your baby at home in the week after your birth and talk with you about your birthing experience and assist you with any questions you may have regarding your new baby or new parenting needs.

I have an extensive library of books, handouts, cds and dvds in which I would love to share with you throughout your prenatal, birth and postnatal periods.

I also available for postnatal doula care to support you and your partner in your early parenting needs with breastfeeding, baby sleeping and settling techniques.
Other Skills
In addition to my Doula services, I am a Conscious Birth Educator with a background in Calmbirth as well as an Aromatherapy Massage therapist and an Energetic/Spiritual Healer.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.