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Hi, I am a mum of 3 beautiful girls all were born drug-free, 2 at a birth centre and one at home. Not only do I have a trust in birth but, I really understand the importance of having a great birth and how it can influence your experience as a parent. I have a real passion for helping women become empowered in their births and supporting them in making informed decisions. I have had experience in VBAC, Homebirths, waterbirths, lotus birth, vaginal breech, first time mums, IVF mums, and teen mums
Dear Claire, Today is Monday. It has been 9 days since A's glorious birth and for that I am thankful because today is the day I was "supposed" to have a c/section. Because of the events leading up to her birth and her rapid entry into the world, it has taken me several days to reflect upon and understand the enormity of my achievement. I DID IT!! I had a successful VBAC...and I did it on my own with your incredible support and the support of my family. I trusted my body and my baby. I only have a limited knowledge of childbirth, but I do believe that a baby is affected by how he/she comes into the world even though it is only a fleeting moment when you look at a lifetime. A has a calmness about her and for the most part is very content. I would love to be able to say for certain that it has something to do with her birth. I still can't believe that I did it! I have such a wonderful story to tell A. Even now after having time to think about it, I am having trouble putting into words how much I appreciate your support and positive energy since becoming a part of my VBAC journey. After meeting you I immeadiately felt more relaxed and secure knowing that you would be there for me during one of my most powerful amazing and intimate life experiences. Claire, there is so much more that I want to say to express my gratitude but I just don't know how. You are a beautiful person and your support is priceless. Love A. Dilger
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I will meet with you four times before the birth to get to know you and your birth plan. Then I will support you from the onset of established labour (or whenever you need my support) until a couple of hours after your baby is born. In the weeks after the birth I pay a final 2 visits to debrief on the experience and answer any questions you may have, also to help you with any breastfeeding, sleep or new parenting issues where I can. I am always available for a chat on the phone or by email.
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Bach/bush flower essences Aromatherapy Birth Photography Pre/post natal exercise help Breastfeeding support