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Clarissa Leatham
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In 2008 I gave birth to my son at home, then spent the next two weeks in hospital so I am passionate about non judgemental support for women and their family's.
I understand that there are a lot of different reasons women make the decisions they do, from elective caesareans through to home birth. Women should be supported through all of this and be encouraged to trust themselves.

I can provide resources for you to make informed decisions and help you feel confident in these choices, no matter what they are.
"We found Clarissa to be a very generous, dedicated and professional person who really respected our wishes while working our way through the development of a birth plan. Her dedication was tested the night that I went into labour after antenatal classes that all three of us had attended. It wasn't long after the class that my husband returned to work on a school camp in the bush where there was no mobile phone service. While I was being taken to Wangaratta Hospital, Clarissa went off in the dark to find my husband by following the vague directions that I gave. After driving along rough bush tracks she found him and drove him across to the hospital and assisted with the birth. If it hadn't been for this dedication to her role as a doula my husband would have missed what was undoubtable the best moment of our lives, the birth of our little boy. Being pregnant for the first time is an amazing experience that enriches one's life so much. I thoroughly recommend Clarissa to you as a doula that will make your experience a more relaxing, knowledgeable and supported experience." Andrea Dolling, Mansfield.
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