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Dini Martinez
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Australian Doula College and Birthing from Within
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Mother, wife, doula, yoga teacher, fitness instructor, sustainability professional and child of the world, Dini has lived in over 15 countries and speaks around seven languages. The water-birth of her first son in Sydney in 2011 was a full-on and amazingly beautiful experience, which would not have been possible this way without her wonderful support team. Dini believes that fathers can play an incredible role in this support and views her doula services as supporting the whole family. Her presence before, during and shortly after birth aims to allow for a positive transition into mother (and father-)hood. As a yogini, Dini believes that where your thoughts go, is where your energy goes. She is a big fan of positive visualization, helps you set your birth preferences and supplies you with numerous tools to achieve the birth you want. By the same token, she also makes sure that you are well prepared, emotionally, physically and informationally, for options B, C and D, should the dream birth not be available on the day for whatever unchangeable circumstances. Techniques she uses with her couples include, but are not limited to, birth art, labourynth, internal and external resources, breath and yoga postures, movement, diet, fitness, vocalization, visualization, meditation, deep relaxation, fear elimination, music, massage, and intellectual understanding of the birth process and medical pain relief options. As part of her holistic services, Dini provides a substantial information pack which includes birth music, guided visualizations and relaxations, dvds, information and
Dini was an amazing support person during my labour and before hand, whilst pregnant. In the lead up she was fantastic in providing support and information as well as calming words. During the labour it was great to have her there as my advocate and also so that I knew my husband had someone to lean on too when he needed it. The last few hours were especially difficult and it helped to have Dini there doing all the little things that we had discussed previously and she ensured she asked some of the questions to the medical staff that I was not able to at the time. Her support after the birth was fantastic. There were parts of the birth that were unexpected, difficult and scarey. Having Dini's support helped me to process the harder parts of the birth and move on to allow more time to enjoy my baby. It was great to be able to talk to her in an open honest way about all aspects of labour, birth and now being a mum. I look forward to staying in touch with Dini. If I was to have another baby, I would want her there! Dini is a wonderful, generous and reassuring person. She has a positive outlook and a way of putting you at ease. It was great to have her to help me through a wonderful but intensely challenging experience. My husband was very grateful to her also. He felt supported and cared for and was happy that there was someone else there in the room as it was very difficult for him to see me in pain
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Fluent in Spanish, French, German and English. Basics in Italian also Personalised pre- and post-partum fitness schedule Use of aromatherapy during birth Birth photographs Reference library with English and German books on pregnancy, birth and beyond Back up doula Trained and influenced by various organisations, extracting the best of all words (Australian Doula College, Birthing from Within, SheBirths and of course yogic studies)