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My passion for pregnancy and birth began when I was pregnant with my first daughter, Tiani, in 2005. I knew nothing about pregnancy, labour and birth and when I was two months pregnant I was present at a friends birth who was unprepared for the experience and had many complications and a lot of fear. This made me realise that I was going to need some help for my own pregnancy and labour. I began classes in hypnotherapy and studying everything I could get my hands on and this was the beginning of my journey to becoming a doula. Through much research and practice I had a beautiful, natural water birth with my daughter Tiani, working with my breath, mind and body and without the use of any drugs. After the birth I felt so empowered that I became determined to pass on my knowledge to others so that they too could be confident in themselves and have an amazing experience such as I had. This passion was further ignited with the home water birth of my second baby in 2008. It was just a magical experience, so calm and peaceful. Such a beautiful entry into the world for my second little girl Zaia. In Zaia's pregnancy I studied the Calm Birth method and together with my yoga practice and doula study I felt confident that Zaia's birth would be serene and peaceful and it turned out just the way I expected, so special. My third little mermaid Astariah Shae, was born in November of 2009. This time I had a lot of issues during my pregnancy and so this birth was quite different to my other two little girls birthdays. However, after a very difficult posterior labour of 89 hours, my little girl was finally born into the water, at home. This most recent birth has taught me many lessons, for which I am immensely grateful. It has shown me the importance of listening to the mother and giving her what she needs. It is so important for the mother to feel emotionally supported and to be in her full power on her birthing day. As a doula it is important for me to hold the sacred birthing space for the mother and to sheild her from other peoples fear and expectations, so that she can go blissfully off into labourland and focus on birthing her baby. The mother must be wholly instinctual and totally in her mammalian brain. It is not wise to engage the neocortex whilst the mother is in labour as she is then 'thinking' too much instead of trusting her instincts and going with her body's natural rhythm. We as women are born to birth and our body knows what to do if we can just go with the flow and be at peace with the process and feel private, safe and unobserved. I believe that through my own experience of pregnancy and labour and all the knowledge that I have gained in the last four years, I can empower other women to have faith in themselves and achieve a beautiful natural birth, which will empower them for the rest of their lives. I am a committee member and volunteer for the Geelong branch of the Maternity Coalition and am a member of the Geelong Support Home Birth group bringing support to mothers throughout geelong and the surrounding areas. My second baby turned breech at 38 weeks and I managed to turn her with the use of acupunture and believe that there are a number of natural possibilities to tackle any issue you may have in your pregnancy and birth. Often obstacles occur simply due to an emotional blockage which, when aired, can get your pregnancy and/or labour back on track. I believe that pregnant women need a great deal of emotional support as well as knowledge and confidence in their own abilities, which I feel I can instill in them as I can totally relate to where they are and how they are feeling. I would be honoured to be asked to attend any mothers birth and believe I can provide the support that you will need. I am currently doing further study and am attending Rhea Dempsey's Birthing Wisdom birth attendant course to deepen my knowledge of birth and all its mysteries.
By Leonie Wimberger on 11 July 2010 Dominique is such a sweet gentle beautiful soul. I am so thankful that God brought her on my path for the birth of my beautiful baby girl. She was not only my doula, but also my guide, my personal "google" on birth! She has a big love for birth & it's contagious! She opened my eyes to possibilities that I didn't even know exist. Because of Dominique I had the opportunity to learn the true meaning of calm & natural birth. She gave me the tools to empower myself to make informed decisions about my labour and birth of my baby. Without her I would not have dreamt to have the most amazing, calm, ecstatic Homebirth that I had. Thank you Dominique for your love, your guidance, your endless supply of books, DVD's & information. Thank you for helping me make my birth experience the best it could be. We love you & I'm forever proud to know my beautiful darling daughter was born into your arms.... Many blessings to you and all the beautiful future birthing goddesses you support & guide as you did us! Love Leonie, Manfred, Marion & baby girl Caelia Domineke. By Sheridan Guiney on 04 February 2009 Dominiques assistance during the calm, natural hospital birth of my beautiful 3rd child Lara, was invaluable. It is difficult to expect a father to understand just what a birthing mother requires, you just need them there to experience it with you (it is just as big of an emotional journey for them) and your midwife has the monitoring and paperwork etc to complete so isn't completely there in the moment with you either. Believe me, once you experience having a doula take care of the little things for you, you will never turn back. I had my daughter on a record breaking 45 c day and even hospital air conditioning can only do so much. I was hot hot hot! but that constant supply of water through a straw, rosewater mist spray over my body and cool wet towel on my brow, neck and back was an absolute god send. She made sure my birthing music choice was playing, organised a fan, organised a meal and drinks afterwards and took the first few photos. Dom was quiet when she needed to be, sensed when I needed something and was attentive to my husband so that he could stay right by me where I needed him. Thank you sweet doula Dom for sharing this special experience with us. xxx
Services Offered
Pre-natal support. Extensive library of inspirational books and DVD's. Contacts throughout the birthing industry for various classes and/or treatments that mother's may need. Access to homebirthing kit. Birth filming and photography (non professional) Support for the entire birth, for everyone attending the birth, especially Mama, including care of siblings. Post natal support.
Other Skills
Birth photography (non professional) Birth filming (non professional) Blessingway facilitation, including all ceremony preparations~designed and customized especially for Mama, as well as invitations to match feel of Blessingway. Henna painting. Birth artwork (sculpture and paintings and mixed media, can create commissioned work)