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Nicole Jones
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Nicole Jones
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Motherhood Birth Support
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Bunbury, Busselton, Donnybrook, Collie, Australind, and all areas in-between and around these towns 🙂
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Hello, my name is Nicole and I am a birth doula and a mother to three beautiful girls.

I have always been a believer in natural birthing. I believe that our bodies are perfectly created to birth our babies - we just need helpful support and information on our choices so that we can have positive birth experiences.

I have been blessed to be a doula to many families in the South West of WA - from home births to hospital births, FIFO families and single mothers, first time parents to sixth time parents, natural births, a caesarean, VBACs and even twins! I absolutely LOVE supporting mothers and fathers as they prepare to have their baby, and it is a joy to share information with them so that they can have the best birth possible .

I support families with free meet-and-greet non-obilgatory meetings, booked in-home informational meetings, full labour and birth support and postnatal meetings. We learn all about birthing, what your choices are, and practice techniques and positions necessary for having a positive birth. In your labour, I use natural means and techniques to help your body bring your baby from your belly to your arms as gently and beautifully as possible.
I have a range of packages to suit any budget and level of support, and am very flexible, so that a package can be created just for you and your needs. All these details, plus more, are available on my website - www.motherhoodbirthsupport.com.au
** I was blessed to receive the 'Australian Doulas Doula of the Year Award' in 2013. **…..

"Words cannot express how much having you with me for my labour made a difference and meant to me. I truly believe God picked you for me. Having you support me made me feel so calm and relaxed. You praise me for being so relaxed, but you truly helped me achieve that. Without you there, I believe things would have been very different. You are such a calm, peaceful and gentle person which you reflect in your everyday walk, but also so much in the labour 'atmosphere'. I felt comforted with you by my side and felt I could achieve anything with you being with me. Your prayers for me were invaluable - you are just such a blessing! " Jenna C, Bunbury………..
"Your support, encouragement, positive attitude and knowledge helped us to have hope that this birth would be different to the last… thank you for your guidance and support; without your encouragement we have have missed out on one of the greatest experiences of our lives!" Carmel R, Bunbury………..
"Nicole was my doula for the birth of my son. As soon as I met Nicole, my husband and myself knew she was someone really special. Nicole met with us 3 times in the lead up to our birth; each meeting went for around 2 hours and she answered all our questions and worked with us to develop a birth plan. After each meeting I would find myself excited about birth, whereas before meeting Nicole I feared birth and did not have much support. When the big day arrived, Nicole calmed me down when I went into shock with my waters breaking. Nicole was with me for the entire 20 hours - she assisted my husband in supporting me and ensured the midwife knew my wishes. Nicole assisted me in getting my labor going when it slowed. This included pressure points, positions, and walking up and down stairs. While my husband rested, she stayed with me through every contraction, providing positive comments and the best massage. She provided a birthing pool which was amazing ! Because of Nicole, I was able to have a natural birth, and she spoke for me when I wasn't able. If she hadn't been there, I would have had medical intervention. After the birth, she supported me to establish breast feeding and we were able to go home after 4 hours. Nicole has visited three times since the birth and is continually in contact. Providing help with breast feeding, settling, baby wearing and so much more. Because of Nicole, I can look back at my birth as a positive and fulfilling experience. Nicole has gone above and beyond. I would hate to think what the outcome would have been without her. A truly special doula." Kate P., Treendale………..

"Thankyou for making my birth experience a positive one. Right from our first meeting I felt well-informed, reassured and supported." Hayley M. from Bunbury………..

"I can't recommend Nicole more, she was amazing!! Even before my labour I would've strongly recommended her! Her guidance and support from about 20wks right through to almost 42wks was amazing, explaining things to my husband and I, answering all our questions, helping me decide what I want. Our 2nd was born 3wks after our 1st gestationally and she helped me relax and enjoy that time!……….

And during my labour- I had an epi with our 1st so never experienced the full labour, so this was kind of my first time- she was amazing!! Couldn't have done it without her!! She helped me achieve the birth experience I wanted- my healing birth, I have no regrets! During labour she didn't take away from my husbands place or role, she supported him as well as me and was able to reassure him he was doing the right things. Both my husband and I are so grateful for her and she will be the 2nd person I call for all future positive pregnancy tests!" Carmelina B, from Bunbury………..

"From a fathers perspective, labour can seem scary and unknown. Our first labour was long and drawn out and nothing went to plan. Having Nicole as our doula to assist in preparing for second labour made a world of difference. From the moment we met Nicole, we knew she was right for us. She didn't impose or push any ideas. She helped us to work out what kind of labour we wanted, and during the labour she was brilliant. I would recommend Nicole to any couples that are unsure or looking for direction or guidance. We will be using Nicole for all future labours!" Cameron B, Bunbury………..

"I just wanted to say thanks so much for all your support over the last few months... you help me with all the little questions I have. Most of all, I want to thank you for supporting me through Oliver's birth. I truly believe the outcome would have been so different without you!"
Talitha E, from Bunbury………..

"I absolutely loved having you as my Doula, I felt so supported in my labour and you made me truly feel like I could do it. It was as if you knew exactly what I needed and when and if I ever convince Matt to have another baby, I will be calling on you." Erin P, Glen Iris
Services Offered
While you are pregnant, I can support you in your decisions and give you information on your choices, help you write your birth plan, meet your husband/partner and help him to feel relaxed about the birth and talk to you about your fears and concerns……….

While you are labouring and birthing, I can help to create a positive birthing atmosphere, give you massage and much encouragement, give you ideas for optimal foetal and maternal positioning, and most importantly help you to relax and enjoy the amazing birthing process. I am there as an encouragement for you and your husband/partner and as an advocate for you………..

When you have had your sweet bundle, I will talk with you about your birth experience and any joys or concerns that you had. I can help you establish breastfeeding and a good flexible routine for your baby and your family if you so wish………..

I hope that I can be the greatest support for you as you go through this life-changing event.
Other Skills
I have beautiful, specially-priced maternity, birth and newborn photography packages available for my clients. The professional photographer is Talitha Eacott from Spring Photography. She is amazing! ……….

I conduct Rebirth Ceremonies for women that feel that they need to bond closer with their baby, or re-create a beautiful birth that they might have missed out on. Details for this ceremony are on my website.……….

I also sell a gorgeous range of pregnancy and postnatal teas - teas that can help with everything from morning sickness to postnatal depression and low milk supply. These are also available from my website.……….

I also have a reference library for my clients to borrow from.