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Sara Birt
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Sara Birt
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Doula Birth : : Perth Western Australia
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0438 119 969
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2007- Present
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Birthing Doula
Optimum Birth
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**Birthrites DOULA OF THE YEAR 2012**
I am the mother of two beautiful children, a son and a daughter, and it was through their births that I came to realise how transformative the process of birth really is. I realised that it really does matter how women give birth to their babies, as the experience remains with them for the rest of their life, and shapes who they are. This realisation lead me to become a doula, in order to serve and support women as they journey into motherhood.
I am deeply passionate about childbirth and am constantly in awe of the amazing way women's bodies work. I believe birth is a normal, natural part of life and that women have an instinctual knowledge of how to birth their babies. As a doula, I consider it a great honour to be invited into a couple's birth space and hold this privilege close to my heart as I work to encourage an empowered, positive birth experience for mum, dad and baby.

Experience with 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th time mums, drug-free natural births, VBAC, VBA2C, HBAC, HBA2C, NBAC Clinic, twins, medicated births, inductions, caesarean births (elective and emergency) waterbirths, hospital (public and private) , birth center and homebirths (both CMWA and independent midwives).
"Sara was our doula for the birth of our first child in February 2014. There were a number of factors that made me want a doula – the two most important were firstly someone to support not only me but my husband during the birth and secondly I wanted a natural drug-free birth (with NO tearing!) and I had read that having a doula gave you a higher chance of achieving this.
We found Sara online, and as soon as we met her we knew she was the doula for us. She is warm and friendly and possesses a serious amount of knowledge on pregnancy and birth-related issues! She was happy to meet with us whenever we requested, and went above and beyond to make sure we felt comfortable and as relaxed as possible leading up to the big event. She was understanding and entirely respectful of our wishes for the birth, and the advice she gave us was a huge help. The active birth session we did with her was particularly helpful (and a good laugh at the same time as we found ourselves practicing some interesting birthing positions!).
During labour, Sara’s presence was calming and very reassuring. She was there with us but she was not intrusive in any way. She seemed to know when we needed time for just the two of us, but when I felt myself being overwhelmed with the intensity of it all Sara would suddenly be by my side to calm me down and help me to focus on the task at hand. Her support and presence was enough to bring me back down to earth and get me through when I most needed it. Although our wishes for a natural, drug-free birth did not eventuate as I ended up needing to have an emergency c-section, I know that I got as far I did because Sara was there. From my husband’s point of view, Sara never assumed the primary role of support person – she always let him be that, but she guided him and helped him to be the best support person he could be.
We want to say thank you, Sara. You made what could have ended up being a very scary experience something quite empowering and beautiful. You will always hold a very special place in our hearts." Claire and Marcus, Feb 2014
"The emotional and practical support that Sara gave to us during the pregnancy and birth process has been invaluable. Her expertise in knowing a wide range of facets about the birth process and what was to take place was really comforting. Above all she really heard us; listened to us and helped us to achieve the birth experience that my wife desired. During the birth experience my wife felt in control of the process and was able to choose, with confidence, what she felt was best for our son and her. For me personally as the husband and soon to be Dad, Sara empowered me in knowing how to best support my wife practically. She showed us a whole lot of exercises that were essential in having my wife and I work together effectively as a team. Our teamwork made the birth process a memorable and bonding experience. I would safely say that having Sara as our Doula is personally one of the best and most important investments we have made. When the parents are empowered in the birth experience it changes from a traumatic time to a memorable and rewarding time. In knowing how to support my wife and care for her during this time it gave me great reassurance that I was helping to achieve the birth my wife desired. I would highly recommend Sara to anyone. The one thing I discovered is a Doula is just as important for expecting dads as mums." - First time Father, Feb 2013
"I felt the most encouraged and supported by Sara than by anyone for anything I've ever done! You should check out all the positive reinforcement emails! I felt very loved during labour, encouraged and supported no matter what my crazy self was saying! Sara was very encouraging with Kevin too during labour- teaching and guiding him by example without making him feel inadequate. Amazing VBA2C experience!" Jodi and Kevin- March 2012
“We were extremely satisfied with our prenatal appointments - the level of support we received from Sara could not have been better. Sara was tops during the birth and she also brought out the best in Adam! She gave us the right amount of support without getting ‘in the way’. Could not have done it without you Sara - we were so glad to share our VBAC experience with you.” Joleen and Adam, April 2012
“Sara was very easy to get along with, down to earth, kind, caring and compassionate. No questions were too silly! Sara was full of information and resources which gave us the opportunity to make informed choices. It was lovely to have someone with me all the time (other than my partner) who had seen/been through this all before. Sara was awesome throughout the pregnancy and birth, and definitely worth her weight in gold! I could not have been more satisfied with my birthing experience.” Heather and Mike, Dec 2011
"Sara is such a calm, reassuring person and has a great range of resources! During labour Sara provided amazing emotional support, just what I needed, as well as practical physical support. I felt extremely prepared for labour and my VBA2C experience was everything I wished and dreamed for. Just when i was beginning to think I couldn't do it Sara arrived and was amazing. The support she provided me, Ash and our older boys was fantastic and I would definitely have Sara at any future births." Jenna and Ash- Oct 2011
“Sara is a warm, friendly, interested and understanding person who was happy to listen and take the time to get to know us and our ideas and thoughts about the birth of our baby. Having Sara at the birth made me feel calm and safe. Her practical support of me, and Luke - helping him to help me - was of great benefit. Sara’s enthusiasm and passion for birth and babies, and genuine interest and concern for us made her a wonderful practical and emotional support in the lead up to our baby’s birth and during labour. I was so glad we had Sara involved - it was an excellent investment!” Katherine and Luke, May 2010
“Sara is very warm and friendly. She is easy to talk to and extremely positive. Her library of books and DVD's is very comprehensive and provided me with all of the information I required. I felt very prepared for labour and was extremely happy as I had a natural birth without drugs as desired! Sara, your positive energy and outlook make you the perfect person to be a doula. I am very pleased we had you along for our journey. I'd love to have you help us with baby #2!" Adey and Marty, Jan 2010
"Sara is very intuitive, understanding, gentle and kind. her warmth and openness make it easy to share even your deepest fears. I appreciated her depth of knowledge. During the birth she somehow seemed to know when I needed her and when I needed space! I've never felt more proud of myself! Thank you for helping me to achieve the birth I wanted. You're an amazing doula Sara. There is no way I could have done it without you! Thank you for believing in me and for showering me with such love and encouragement. I would highly recommend you to everyone!" Rachel and Andrew, Oct 2009
"We think having a doula was one of the best decisions we made in regards to the birth of our son. We found the prenatal visits with Sara more informative than the antenatal classes that we attended. Sara's support gave Arron ideas on how best to support me in labour. This was information Arron wanted but was unable to source from anywhere else. I loved Sara being part of our birth and would highly recommend her services. I felt empowered to make positive decisions because of the information and support she provided." Heather and Arron, March 2009
“ Sara was fantastic and her wealth of knowledge was amazing. By the time my labour started, I felt strong and ready to birth my baby, my way. She made me look forward to the birth of our 3rd child. Sara would be at any other births that I will be having. I have 3 very different birth stories to share, the best of all had Sara there with us.” Claire and Adam, July 2008
“ Having Sara as our doula made us feel comfortable and at ease as she supported us both during labour. Sara has an aura about her that insights calmness and reassurance, in a time when it is most needed. Sara was so wonderful, and if we ever decide to have another baby, I would definitely have Sara again. It is with pleasure that we write this." - Julia and Simon, May 2008
Services Offered
I will meet with you throughout your pregnancy so that we can get to know each other, share information, develop a birth plan, practise active birthing techniques and address any questions you may have regarding your birth. I will join you in labour when you feel you need me and will support you through your birth journey and stay until you feel settled after the birth of your baby. During this immediate postpartum period I am able to offer breastfeeding support. On the day following your baby's birth I will visit you to celebrate and will also provide a further postpartum visit within the week of birth to discuss the birth and offer further breastfeeding/babycare support. Of course, I am always happy to chat to you on the phone or via email throughout your pregnancy and the early postpartum period.
Other Skills
*Extensive Resource library

* Experience with 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th time mums, drug-free natural births, VBAC, VBA2C, HBAC, HBA2C, NBAC Clinic, twins, medicated births, inductions, caesarean births (elective and emergency) waterbirths, hospital (public and private) , birth center and homebirths (both CMWA and independent midwives).