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Cherie Nixon
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Earth Mama
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Birthing Doula, Postnatal Doula
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I have been journeying with women with all different stories including vbac, home births, private and public hospitals.

After my sons birth without experienced support i see it as a birthrite that women have experienced support around them with knowledge love and belief in their ability to birth.

Birth is a personal and empowering moment in which a woman becomes a mother - each woman wants something different in her birth and I pride myself on taking the time over your pregnancy to get to know you and provide emotional, physical and practical support to you and your family during pregnancy, birth and post partum.

Please check out our website www.earthmama.in for more information.
I found Cherie's help to be priceless during my pregnancy. She was a compassionate, well informed, strong advocate. More than once I was uncertain of my rights and Cherie calmly reminded me. I never felt like a client but like someone she cared for genuinely independent of me employing her. She was willing to go out on a limb to provide me with the support I needed.

Through what was a very stressful journey she was constantly there for me, more support I could not have hoped for. She helped turn my pregnancy into a memorable rite of good company, good food, cherished moments and more.

Through Cherie's help I managed to find a midwife to attend me at home quite late in my pregnancy, and I went on to have my third son born at home after two previous caesarean sections (HBA2C).

Cherie was dedicated, staying with me through 3 days of labour until my baby was born. She was with me when my husband was alseep, holding my hand for each contraction though she was as tired as I was. She capably tolerated my moodiness in transition!

If you need a powerful woman to support you and advocate for you, look no further! In my first pregnancy I looked into having a doula but I was of the opinion that the doula's role was what my husband was for. If I had enlisted the help of a good doula like Cherie in either of my first two pregnancies I am confident I would not have ended up with my caesareans. With two or three solid support people around you in labour, if one needs to sleep or eat then the other can step in and you will not be left alone at such a precious and vulnerable time.
Services Offered
As part of our service we can offer

Monthly catchup to get to know you, your family and your birth wishes

24 hour oncall phone/email support

2 housecalls after the birth

Breastfeeding support

Creating a birth plan


Library of books, dvds and articles

Photography or Filming of birth

Helping caring for the placenta if Lotus birthing

Making a belly cast and also Henna application

Cloth Nappy Education

Access to my homeopathy kit

Aromatherapy for during and after the labour

Placenta Encapsulation