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Em Jones
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Emily Jones Doula Services
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Birthing Doula, Postnatal Doula
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That's me!

I've been a Doula now for three years.

I'm a mum of 3 beautiful children. I've always had an interest in childbirth and women. There are many reasons why I became a Doula, but I think the stand-out reason was to just be there; to be by someone's side and fully support them, nurture them, empower them and really understand what they need.

Being a Doula is my passion!
I was so nervous about going into labour second time around and being a control freak, I needed someone to help me let go and let nature take it's course.

I'm so thankful I met Emily, as she took control and with her honest, expertise and personal experiences, she gave such helpful information and advice and she helped me focus and accomplish my main goal (a safe, drug free labour) but also accept that if it didn't happen I should just go with it and not try to control things.

Emily is such a wonderful support and has been very caring before, during and after labour. She has the talent of taking charge of the situation and covering all aspects before labour so when the big day comes you know you're in good hands.

Emily was amazing when I was in labour and helped me stay calm throughout, even when I was doubting myself.

Thank you for all you did for me Emily, you are fantastic and I'm so happy you were part of our special day and that we could count on you.

Services Offered
Pre and post natal care
Labour support
Birth hypnosis
Postnatal work