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Jennie Barnard
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Jennie Barnard
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Jennie's Doula Services
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1993 - present, 26 years
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Birthing Doula
Registered Nurse training; Breastfeeding Counsellor; (ABA), NMAA Group Leader; HypnoBirthing Practitioner (Mongan Method); Childbirth International (pending); Arvigo Technique of Maya Abdominal Therapy Self Care Level 1; personal experience of birthing 8 of my own babies
About / Bio
I have 39 years experience as a health care worker and as an experienced Doula working in Brisbane for 26 years, I have supported women in most of the major hospitals between Nambour and the Gold Coast. I have also supported women in many of the private hospitals and during homebirth in Brisbane. I am very familiar with many of the experiences you will have during your pregnancy and my role will be to make your experience more understandable and empowered. Being with you as you grow your baby, give birth and start your parenting journey is a joy and privilege and one in which you are the most important part.

My care is about assisting you to have a positive, empowered experience, in a calm and fulfilling way wherever you choose to birth.

Previously I have trained as a nurse, ran a baby health clinic in a busy area of Sydney, completed training and worked with ABA (NMAA) as a breastfeeding counsellor, enjoyed being an alternative mothering magazine editor/distributor, and advocated for change during two maternity services reviews. I can also support and prepare you for a HypnoBirthing birth.

I have supported women at their births for 26 years. My first 4 babies were born in hospital and the next 4 were born at home.

I strive to respect, protect, and maintain the dignity and love around birth.

Mobile 0421 302 962.

Blessings to you both for your birth.
Recommendation of Services - Jennie Barnard - Doula

After a traumatic first experience, it took me 8 and a half years to have the courage to fall pregnant again and I was terrified to go through that all once more.
I watched countless births and methods and noticed a trend of happy births when accompanied by a birth expert such as a midwife or doula.

After a struggle to find a doula who made me feel secure and supported I found Jennie. Jennie was amazing and came with years of practical knowledge.
Jennie is willing to be interviewed before you begin to work with her. We had a long chat that first day with myself and my partner both being present.
During that and subsequent meetings Jennie provided us with books, DVDs, handouts and much more. She was and is incredibly warm and welcoming and non-judgmental.

I think the thing I loved most about her service was that she was always there to answer any question and quickly too. She took my calls / texts / emails at any time. She left her house as soon as my call came that I was in labour even though it was 4 am. She works with back-up Doulas in case she is with another labouring woman but doesn't overbook to ensure it is not likely to happen.

She documents all the stages of labour and takes photos of you and your newborn and family members present and allows you and your partner to just bask in the glory of your birth. She wrote out my daughter's birth story and gave it to me with a huge album of photos. She carefully noted the time that each different event occurred and the whole experience was magical.

My deepest thanks and honest regard belong to Jennie for her help at my second birth. It is my opinion that my birth would have been different and almost certainly traumatic had I not had my confidence and knowledge so dramatically altered. R

Testimonial 2

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love, guidance, wisdom and support for us through the pregnancy, labour and birth of Olivia. We feel like you have a special place in our family and will treasure the memories of the births of both of our beautiful babies for the rest of our lives. May God bless you for your work and your caring heart. M
Services Offered
Important aspects of care involve being able to make informed choices based on knowledge, belief in women's bodies to give birth, and feeling supported, cared for and safe. I aim to care for each birthing mother as if she was my daughter and value the father's role and support him in every way possible. Before birth I spend lots of time getting to know you and your wishes for this birth, sharing information, and assist in making a birth plan. When labour starts I go to your home and stay with you until after the birth, using a wide variety of natural methods of support which we have discussed during our visits together. After your baby's arrival I visit when needed and have a debriefing session later on. Everything I do is done in a caring, gentle and discreet way. Fees are reasonable and negotiable.
Other Skills
extensive book & DVD library for borrowing

birth plan development, samples and assistance

dietary and exercise guidance

foot massage therapy during pregnancy

moxa & rebozo techniques, during pregnancy, birth and postnatally, e.g. rebozo for positioning, rebozo closure.

aromatherapy & music for birth

massage & accupressure therapy during labour

TENS machine for use and application

birth photography with photo album or CD of pictures

breastfeeding support, advice, and counselling

placental preparation, storage & planting assistance

postnatal support, advice and guidance

debriefing of birthing experience session

Hypnobirthing techniques (I am a qualified HypnoBirthing Practitioner and offer the course as an extra)

(CPR & first aid & blue card holder)