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Jennifer Brown
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02 4362 1199
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The Australian Doula College
About / Bio
I believe the keys to having an amazing birthing experience is knowledge and support. Hello, my name is Jen. I am based on the Central Coast and I offer my services as far north as Newcastle and the Hunter Region and South to Hornsby and the surrounding area. I am the mother of one little boy, and it was his birth that sparked my love for the whole journey of birth. As a Doula I am aware how critical it is for a birthing mother to have in attendance someone that totally believes in her ability, advocates her wishes and empowers both mother and partner with the right knowledge so they are able to make informed decisions. I will ensure you have the information you require and support you in your decisions throughout your pregnancy and birth. I am very happy to take on any role that is required of me during your labour and have a toolbox full of different supportive techniques to help. I can also assist partners by showing them ways in which to best support you, or fill the gaps for partners that do not wish to be too involved. I also will not leave until after your baby is born and you are happy for me to do so.
"Jen was a fantastic person to have at our birth. She provided a wealth of emotional support to each of our family throughout labour. We knew that we had found a strong advocate and ally, which helped us achieve the peaceful, natural, family birth we had been hoping for." Gal Roussos Glenning Valley
Services Offered
I will meet with you two or three times before the birth to get to know you and help formulate your birth plan. Then I will support you from the onset of established labour (or whenever you need my support) until a couple of hours after your baby is born. In the week after the birth I pay a final visit to debreif on the experience and answer any questions you may have. I am always available for a chat on the phone or by email. I truly believe that birth is a transformational experience
Other Skills
I have experience in hypnobirthing, using Juju's techniques for pain management and water births. I am also a trained counsellor