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Jo Askham
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Jo Askham
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Birth Attendants.info
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0409 955 779
Melbourne - Northern / Eastern Suburbs. Based in Briar Hill and happy to travel. Small fee applicable to distances greater than 30min travel time.
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since 2002
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Birthing Doula, Postnatal Doula
Rhea Dempsey, Optimum Birth, DONA, Birth Into Being Facilitator, NACE, Pre-Natal Yoga, 'Making Space for Baby'-lvl 1&2
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I have had three babies of my own whose arrivals took me on a journey through a hospital birth and the process of two planned home births. After a fully managed pregnancy and birth in the United States, I knew there must be some other way to better the 'production-line' birth experience.

My research lead to a group called 'Doulas of North America' (DONA) where I commenced my initial doula training in 2001. My continued passion to help enhance the birth experience made me realise that a woman needs to feel trust in her body and with the natural ability we have to give birth, but also to feel well supported in the time leading to this event and during it's actual process.

As a doula for since 2002, I have gained experience with home, hospitals and birth centres, family and sibling involvement, single mothers, same sex couples, a variety of ethnic backgrounds, inductions and c-sections. I have also been privileged to have sat a year in Rhea Dempsey's Birthing Wisdom - Birth Attendant circle and completed the online 'Optimum Birth' training.

I am also involved with the Maternity Coalition and their education arm 'Choices for Childbirth'. This involves helping co-ordinate bi-monthly pregnancy chat and information circles, movie nights and childbirth information sessions.

All of the above and continued professional development training, help me to feel confident to empower birthing families to have the best birth possible, but mostly I work with individual situations, personal connections and intuition to get to this achieved outcome.

Please feel free to contact me for a chat or to organise an initial meeting.
' Your presence at the birth was very calming + I feel privelidged to have had such a wonderful support team. I am so happy I was able to experience the joy + empowerment of having a natural birth.'- Beck w/baby Bohdi

'The best decision we ever made was to include you in our journey. Sorry for the marathon! You certainly went above + beyond what we expected.' - Mel w/baby Charlie

'Jo not only brings with her a bounty of goodies as a doula but she brings a calming, empowering vibe that "held" me in the right space for meeting my son. When my son Liam entered the world she was there, "breathing him out" with me and my every contraction, and I will always feel blessed for that experience - at a very raw time in my life when I was also dealing with grief and loss. In hospital she warded off unwanted visitors, came at ungodly hours to check in - just for us - Julie w/baby Liam
Services Offered
please visit: http://jo.birthattendants.info/packages.html
Other Skills
pre-natal yoga
childbirth education
Birth support circles
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