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Leisa Masters
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Leisa Masters
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Earthside Birth Services
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0410 260 810
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Birthing Doula, Postnatal Doula
Childbirth International
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I work with women and their families who are looking for something more for their births. I work with women who want to feel confident and who want to understand how they can make decisions about what is right for them. Who want to walk towards birth with a clarity of mind, and to know anything is possible.

For years I have listened to the stories of women who feel anxious as they approach their births, are unsure about the advice they are given, and experience confusing and traumatic births. So I want women to make their own birth stories - not one that is run by someone else. I want women to understand and own the path they walk.

Preparing for birth takes time, but every day counts and can make a truly beautiful difference. Don't wait, let's start our conversation right now, towards your better birth.
'Transformative is the single most apt descriptor of our experience working with Leisa ... It was from this position of knowledge, strength and determination that we were able to gently, calmly and beautifully bring our second born into our lives; a moment that we will treasure forever. This is an investment you can’t afford not to make. I can’t thank her enough.’ - Kay

It's very difficult to put into words all the ways in which Leisa supported me. She helped me work through my questions and frustrations throughout pregnancy. She emotionally and practically supported me through pregnancy, labour and the postpartum. In a time where we are not surrounded by our clan women who've birthed many babies, it's difficult to get the support we need for this spiritual, physical and emotional transition. It's also difficult to navigate ...what care we want and need, what tests we need and what they imply for us and our babies. Thank you Leisa, for listening to me and encouraging me to voice my needs, for affirming and encouraging throughout the whole time. Thank you for doing the practical things that were forgotten, putting on essential oils, commencing filling the birth pool (I wouldn't have had the beautiful water birth that I did if you hadn't done this!!!), Bringing me herbs for afterbirth pains. Thank you for helping me voice my needs when I couldn't in labour. Thank you for supporting Eric (my husband) in his role in labour too. Never underestimate the support of a Doula in labour. - Rebecca

Hugest heart-felt thank you to Leisa for accompanying us on our journey birthing and welcoming our precious little baby.. We enlisted Leisa's help mostly to help us navigate the medical system that was pushing us for various medical interventions when we really wanted to have as natural a birth as safely possible, (and, to support my husband at the birth!!). I didn't realise that Leisa would provide us with so much more support than that! She listened to our unique wants and provided us with so much great information. We felt completely prepared for whatever path our birth journey was going to take and confident in making well informed decisions. She supported us throughout the birth and arrival of our beautiful boy. And especially importantly, she was there with caring support in those first tumultuous weeks. Leisa's advice and support with early breastfeeding was invaluable! When my nipples were sore and I was feeling a tired, emotional wreck - Leisa was there checking in on me, giving just the right advice that made the world of difference, and being that experienced friend that I could ask anything of. I can't recommend Leisa enough as a doula. Thank you. - Paige

Leisa brings so many qualities as a Doula. She has a great understanding that we all travel our own path to birth and she is here to facilitate what we needed. During our pregnancy Leisa provided information, resources, and options to consider. During our labour she was a familiar face to provide support they way we had planned and discussed it. But most of all Leisa believes in women and in birth this is what makes Leisa's service priceless. Thank you Leisa for supporting us to believe in my body to birth, your support helped us achieve our outcome. I would highly recommend Leisa to all families looking forward to participating in their birth. Thank you a million times. - Ana

Leisa has been our rock, she made available the information and support we needed to build up our confidence and gain the pregnancy and birth we wanted. And postpartum, my gosh am I so grateful to have had Leisa reassuring me, especially when I was having a hard time breastfeeding. I'm a happy, content, confident women and mum today because of the wonderful support I received. - Tina

Leisa - what a doula! I just had my baby at 43 weeks at RDH with no drugs or intervention. Leisa helped me to find the right evidence based information to support myself throughout my pregnancy, and achieve the empowering birth I deserved. I would highly recommend her to everyone as a support person during their pregnancy and birth. - Trish
Services Offered
Transform Your Birth Package

You are so excited to be pregnant, but when you start to think about what type of birth you want and how you might get that, you don't even know where to start. You know you want to birth as naturally as you can, but you are afraid, and everyone around you says it never works out.

You want to feel good, to feel joyful and hopeful.

I know you don’t want to be afraid. I know you don’t want to make decisions based on fear or let someone use that fear to coerce you. I know you don’t want to do this alone, I know you want someone there with you, helping you as you find your way. I know you want to believe that it is possible for you to direct your birth. I know you want to understand when to accept medical help and when it might not be right for you. I know you want to approach your birth feeling confident and welcome your baby feeling good and strong and gentle.

Preparing for birth can be one of the most liberating things you'll ever do.

Find out more here: https://www.earthsidebirthservices.com.au/transform-your-birth.html