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Lucy Palmquist
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I am currently a trainee doula. I came over from the United States shortly after my training. As I have not attended a birth professionally, my prices are discounted to what you believe my services are worth as a trainee. My philosophy as a Doula is in line with many of the values set forward by DONA. I believe, first and foremost, that any woman with any birth who wants a doula should have one. Giving birth should be an empowering and inspiring occasion, and labor should be a process through which a woman feels strengthened and supported on her journey to motherhood.
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Of course, the first step is merely to meet as see if we're a good fit for each other. I offer support by phone and email throughout your pregnancy to answer questions (or even just to listen to frustrations 🙂 ). (At least) Two prenatal home visits where we meet, discuss birth plans, and chat about goals, ideas, fears, etc. I also will be in attendance throughout your birth... from as early as you feel you need me until after your baby is born. Of course, there will be a follow-up postpartum visit to get some closure on the event and share birth stories.