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My name is Suzanne Im in training to become a Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator & Breastfeeding Counselor. Im an mainly foucing on becoming a Birth Doula at this point. My charges are located at the bottom of this section, I will remain FREE of charge for my services for my first 2 clients. My nick-name Is Suzie, I'm 22 and have 3 young children Ryan 5, Maddison almost 3, Tyler 3 months old. As a young mother I understand children, baby's, pregnancy, doctors and childbirth can be stressful and demanding, but im here to help ease the stress and pain of this amazing journey. My job is to be there for you with you every step of the way to achieve the best possible outcome of a stress free birth and a happy, healthy arrival of your brand new addition! I understand what women want when giving birth and how to help plan their birth in a way that will maximise reaching there goals. I aim to support my clients every step of the way thought there journey, be on call for support via phone or email 24 hours/7 days a week for their entire pregnancy and 3 weeks following the birth. My passion is to help ease the stress and complications of pregnancy, labour and childbirth. Not only am I am training to become a doula, but i am also training to become a Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator & Breastfeeding Counselor. I am also am experienced in prenatal massage and baby massage to help ease the pain of labour in a all natural relaxing way. I will also be able to teach baby massage to my clients following the first few days of birth {5 day mark is best} this will help them grow and learn as a new parents and expand there techniques of settling their newborn right from the start. PRICE: My first few births will be FREE you will receive all of my services free! All i ask for is you to cover my petrol expenses that is all! A great and fair deal. 🙂 I will only be FREE for my first 2 clients so get in quick! I am servicing these area's: Kyneton: FREE - no petrol money required as I live here Ballarat: FREE - travelling cost of petrol needs to be reimbursed for my services. Sunbury: FREE - travelling cost of petrol needs to be reimbursed for my services. Geelong: FREE - travelling cost of petrol needs to be reimbursed for my services. North-west Melbourne are's: FREE - travelling cost of petrol needs to be reimbursed for my services. If you live within 1 to 1 and a half hours from me and are not on this list please contact me if you want my services.
As I am training, I do not have any testimonial as of yet. I'm looking for my first two clients At the moment, If you wish to become my clients please contact me 🙂
Services Offered
I will meet with you and your partner three or four times before the birth to get to know you, your partner and work on your birth plan, if you already have your birth plan organised i will go over this with you to get to know your exact wishes. {these meetings may include going to one or two of your antenatal appointments with you to discus your plans with your doctor or midwife.} I will then support you though out your entire labour from pre-labour onwards until your baby is born and then a following few hours if you wish my attendance. I will stay as long as you need me and will offer baby massage and a extra massage for you after birth. In the first few days after the birth I pay a visit to the hospital or your home to see how you are settling with your newborn and offer any help you may need with feeding, settling ect. I will also visit you at your home or selected place of choice two or three times as a Postpartum Doula in training i can help with anything you need such as support with feeding & settling.
Other Skills
My services include added extra's for labour: Photography & photo editing if you wish, birthing prop's such as an exercise ball with handles, heat bag's {that are specially made for the lower back, lower stomach and are large in size and light in weight}, hot water bottles, massage items, aromatherapy items, large body pillows, maternity pillow's including breastfeeding pillows. I also have a range of pregnancy & childbirth books that will be available to you during pregnancy. As i'm also training to become a childbirth educator & will also include what I have learnt so far as a private lesson to you free of charge.