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Lee-Ann Mae Roberts
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07 404 55 169
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Childbirth International
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Welcome! I am currently a Doula-in-training and will soon become accredited. Within the next year I hope to start my Midwifery training which means I will be able to offer even MORE services to you! Birth is a natural event that can be the way YOU want it.. (provided medically all is well of course). I would love to support you before, during, and after your wonderful experience whether that is a homebirth, hospital birth, cesarean, vbac.... however & wherever you will birth.. I can be there 🙂 warm regards Lee Roberts www.maternalmoments.weebly.com
Coming Soon! 🙂
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What can I offer you? Support Encouragement Empowerment Researched Information Care Personal Experience Wouldn't it be ideal to have the same person supporting you throughout your pregnancy and birth!? They know you and you them. They know your birth plan.. they helped you to make it! They're with you when you are in labour, during the birth & after... whether you give birth at home or in a birth center or at the hospital... wherever you choose, what ever your needs are, I can be there to support you.