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Mel Webb
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Melinda Webb
Business Name
The Birthing Webb
Business Phone
0413 287 799
Matar, Royal North Shore, RPA, Randwick Women's, Sydney
Doula Time
12 years
Doula Category
Birthing Doula
Australian Doula College and Calmbirth
About / Bio
As a doula, I have the clients’ best interests at heart. I am there to provide calm and confidence. It’s like having an expert with knowledge, knowing how the birth process unfolds, and how the female body works through each stage. As a doula, I will also work alongside other care providers.
Listening is important, it can be active listening, reading cues, facial images and just being observant to a women’s needs. Not interrupting the mother, just listening and watching, providing care for both her and her partner. The number one criteria for being a doula is knowing it’s not your story, it’s their journey, you are there to guide, listen and support their choices. It’s being there for both the mother and birthing partner. Someone for labour – physically, mentally and emotionally – is how my work with Chinese medicine, breath and birth education all fit into one. I call it “Relaxing into Labour.” Settling the body, allowing the wonderful hormone oxytocin, the hormone of love to kick start labour! It’s important also to work with the partner, to ensure they have all they need prior, so the adjustment phase is easier.

During labour, it is about holding the space, providing the right environment for calm, ensuring the mother feels safe and their environment feels private. Slowing things down, breathing, getting back into the body, staying in the present moment. Providing the body with sustenance, using acupressure, massage and other tools for labour.

After birth, it is important to check how both the mother and partner are. Caring and nurturing continues into the postnatal phase. In Chinese medicine, it is called “mother warming” – settling the body, hormonally, physically and emotionally. I attend to clients in their home or they come into the clinic. Treating the whole family is important because having a baby changes everyone. A combination of acupuncture, herbs and moxa, which warms the body restoring the energy. It is important to nurture both mother and partner in this stage, as they are a team, both should be getting sleep, nourishing food and time to settle into parenthood.
"I was fortunate enough to have Melinda Webb as my doula in October 2019. Mel was a lifesaver, and made this birthing experience a breeze compared with my first. I was able to relax knowing Mel was intently monitoring the situation and was aware of what my wishes were. I felt guided and supported throughout the birth.

When my partner unsure of what to do to help me, Mel gave suggestions and encouraged him to assist. Mel's presence was never over bearing, or invasive. She has the perfect combination of skills, and a wealth of experience to assist through every challenge.

Without her guidance I don't think I could have achieved the birth I wanted. I highly recommend Mel to anyone looking for support during the birthing journey. We are very grateful for Mel's assistance in the birth of our baby girl."

Rebecca Zandstra
Services Offered
Birth Support - pre and postnatal care
Acupuncture throughout pregnancy
Natural Labour induction with Acupuncture
Turning Breech and Posterior babies
Acupressure during labour
Antenatal Classes
Buteyko Breathing
Other Skills
Dr Chinese medicine
Calmbirth Practitioner
Buteyko Breathing Practitioner