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Nancy McLean
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Nancy McLean
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Nancy McLean • doula • yoga • massage •
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Servicing Sydney's Eastern Suburbs, Inner West & Sutherland Shire
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Birthing Doula
Birth Doula (Australian Doula College), Massage Therapist/Pregnancy Massage Specialist (Australian College of Massage, member of AMT, Pregnancy Massage Australia), Yoga Teacher (The Yoga Institute, registered with Yoga Australia), Placenta Remedies Specialist (IPEN), Infant Sleep Educator (BEBOMIA), Infant Massage Instructor (BABY IN MIND)
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I attentively support women and their families through their perinatal journey to achieve their childbirth, health and early parenting goals. I believe that it takes a village to raise a child and be a healthy, supported, conscious parent. I see my role as to empower you with evidence-based information and confidence so that you can make choices which are right for you & your family and believe in your own ability to birth beautifully in your unique and special way. I was Head of Educator Training for She Births® (childbirth education) and the philosophies around gentle birth & parenting resonate with me.
I'm based in Sydney and service clients living within 1hr of Cronulla.
"Nancy was my doula for the birth of my second child, Luca. I debated having a doula this time around, not because I didn’t think I needed one, but because I was considering putting the funds towards a post-natal doula instead. After meeting and getting to know Nancy, I ended up doing both. Nancy became my doula less than three weeks before the birth. However, in that time we managed to form a strong connection, develop a birth plan and talk through my fears and anxieties. Birthing Luca did not go exactly to plan yet was exactly how it needed to be – restful, nourishing and joyful. Nancy is an intuitive and perceptive doula. She helped me to find my own sense of permission in the birthing process so that I felt at ease and in control. I was so glad to have her as my doula and my birthing experience is one I will treasure forever.
Nancy also helped significantly during the post-natal period as I juggled care of my newborn and older daughter, with no other family support around. I loved that she would turn up at my house each week and do whatever needed doing without me even really having to ask.
The most helpful things were talking through my fears and anxieties, constant communication during pre-labour, knowing she was there during each aspect of the birth process and that I could talk to her about the many decisions; and the acupressure was really great!" - Brigid

"Nancy was great - she was the right mixture of attentive and respectful and knew exactly what to say and do at all times. She's a very supportive person and this was invaluable throughout the planning stages and the birthing itself. Highly recommended!" - Djad (father)

"Nancy is a deeply generous and conscientious person, and has all the skills and knowledge required to help you prepare for your birth so that you feel confident and comfortable facing it, and handle whatever situation eventuates on the day. We’re so happy we had the benefit of her knowledge, skills, and warm personality to guide us along the way. Even in a clinical hospital environment, Nancy helped turn it into something warm, comforting, and reassuring.
She was deeply generous with her time, meaning we had plenty of opportunity to practice the physical / practical skills needed during labour, and Nancy was always reliable, responding quickly to calls / texts and the emerging situation. I absolutely got value for money!
Nancy helped increase our overall birth satisfaction by encouraging a lot of healthy preparation, as well as the ability to feel confident the choices made were my own. It’s also deeply reassuring to have someone prepared and organised on “your team” on the day, other than your partner. Nancy has a strong, confident presence that’s immediately reassuring. She’s also very philosophically mature while being super easy to talk to." - Justine

"Having Nancy as our doula made the whole birth story so much more positive. Even though it ended in a caesarean, we can rest comfortable knowing we prepared as well as we could, stayed healthy and focused, and made choices that were our own. It also helped me, as a partner, to understand more of what my wife was going through, and she provided me with a whole toolkit of strategies to help her at each stage of her pregnancy, from pre-labour through to post-natal care. " - James (father)

"Nancy was at my side throughout my entire labour. She offered support by suggesting different positions, providing alternative tools when I got tired (birth ball, chair, shower etc) and constantly offered me fluids so I could keep my energy levels up. She also guided me when I needed to make decisions about my care, and helped me confidently interface with the hospital midwives. I didn't realise how hard it would be to make decisions whilst in the throes of labour, and I really valued having someone I trusted, who is experienced in the world of birth and babies, to assist in my decision making.
Nancy also provided us with ongoing postnatal support after Teddy's birth. It was such a huge relief to have someone we knew helping out with household chores, cooking good food, caring for Teddy and supporting me with breastfeeding and birth recovery. The first few weeks of motherhood are a huge adjustment and Nancy's support, encouragement and advice made a challenging transition so much easier. " - Beatrice

"Nancy exceeded our expectations. She was not only informative and diligent, but graceful, kind and encouraging. Her positive energy and emotional intelligence improved our experience for the better. I don't know how we could have done it without her, and I would use her again without hesitation. The entire time was memorable, which is to say Nancy was like having an angel around the entire time. Nancy's positive words and encouraging demeanour was so encompassing that it is difficult to say one particular thing was most helpful. It was all helpful. As the husband, and not being naturally comfortable in birth situations, I could not have been happier with how Nancy supported my wife and took pressure and anxiety away from me. We not only feel we received value for money, but we felt slightly sheepish that we did not pay more. Nancy not only increased our overall birth satisfaction but having Nancy as our doula gave us confidence and comfort during our first birth experience.
I feel like Nancy was part of our family during the birth, and I am beyond words to express my appreciation for her contribution and help. " - Richard (father)

"We had the pleasure of meeting Nancy at the She Births® childbirth education course in Sydney. We felt we didn't need a doula for the birth but we had some complications in the final weeks of pregnancy and did contact Nancy for advice and information. We really appreciated her round-the-clock, timely responses to our questions and concerns.
Nancy always went out of her way to provide relevant and informative advice to help us with decision making while we were at the hospital. She has excellent knowledge herself but was cautious to ensure she provided a balanced response to questions so that we were empowered to make decisions for ourselves.
Nancy is calm and practical and I would 100% recommend her as a doula! She supported us with relaxation techniques in a way that was clear and unobtrusive and we found that really helpful.
We also invested in Nancy's placenta encapsulation service and the placenta smoothie. Nancy came to the hospital to collect the placenta and returned the next day with a very tasty smoothie and 150 capsules. I would absolutely recommend placenta encapsulation and the yummy smoothie!!" - Alexa
Services Offered
During your pregnancy my aim is to empower you with evidence-based information and confidence so that you can make choices which are right for you & your family and believe in your own ability to birth beautifully in your unique and special way.

During your labour I am right there with you, supporting both the labouring mother and her birth partner from whenever you need me until you are settled with baby in arms, a few hours after birth.

The Birth Doula Package includes:
• 2x antenatal education sessions
• On call for two weeks either side of your due date
• 24/7 phone support whilst on call
• Complete labour & birth support
• 1x postnatal visit

Whilst all is flexible to suit your individual needs, I do offer a range of options for you to affordably include private yoga, massage, postpartum support to support your health and well-being.
Other Skills
My passion is to support women continuously in their journey through pregnancy and into parenting, helping women feel strong, calm and supported. I am a Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist and bring these three modalities together to offer holistic care through a single provider, which enables you to trust one provider to know and help you prepare your body & mind to your fullest.

I am also an IPEN certified Placenta Remedies Specialist.

Services include:
• Placenta Encapsulation
• Private Yoga Tuition
• Remedial Massage
• Massage and Acupressure for Labour
• Infant Massage Educator (I teach parents how to massage their bubs)
• Workshop for Partners: Relaxation Massage for Pregnancy
• Workshop for Partners: Acupressure for Labour
• Mother Blessings

My clients have full access to a FREE LENDING LIBRARY of books and DVDs on all things pregnancy, birth and parenting including prenatal yoga DVDs, child development and books for dad.

Yoga offers physical and emotional benefits before, during and after pregnancy. Private yoga classes are tailored to support the changing needs of your mind & body to keep you strong, safe, connected and calm.

Massage improves wellbeing & comfort in pregnancy, relieves pain during childbirth and is effective for a quicker postnatal recovery. Workshops enable your partner to learn skills to support you through your pregnancy and beyond.

Placenta Remedies:
The benefits of consuming your placenta can include hormone rebalancing, replenishing depleted iron levels, returning your body to pre-pregnancy state, reducing bleeding and helping your milk production to commence quicker and in increased supply.

Infant Massage Instructor:
As a parent, take the 5 week 'First Touch' course to gain confidence in understanding and making sense of your baby's communication, cues and early social needs. This forms the basis of the baby's early mental health development.

Infant Sleep Educator:
Learn about the biological sleep needs of infants through toddlers, the developmental milestones that wreak havoc on their sleep patterns, and how to take a gentle approach to management. Offering private consultations and the class 'Dream On: The Art & Science of Infant Sleep' either privately or for a group.

Mother Blessings:
Together we can plan a celebration of your pregnancy, your birth into motherhood and your little bundle of gorgeous in a way that reflects who you are and what is important to you. A bit like a wedding planner, you can have me involved a little or handle the lot, from simple strategy to full on-the-day hosting/co-ordinating so you (or your well-meaning mother-in-law) don't have to! I even have vintage crockery and other items for hire.

I have sourced beautiful, high quality items to help support this time in your life. You can buy from me directly at the moment and I will be setting up a store shortly to make perusing and shopping easier.

• Pregnancy and nursing teas, incl. raspberry leaf
• Essential oils
• Belly bands for recovery
• Rebozo shawls
• Organic washable breast pads
• Thumbeze massage helpers
• and more...

Contact me for a chat and we will find out if we're a good fit. It is popular to book quite far in advance but I do take last minute panic bookings if I can!