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Kim Berry
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Kim Berry
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Nurtured Births
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I bring an open mind a supportive attitude and a careful compassionate approach. Being the mum of six and step mum of one I have had many experiences and can draw on my own knowledge , and that of the many supportive people around me.

I trained with the Australian doula college and am the only cert 4 accredited doula in Central victoria
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Hi Kim, hope this is ok x


Kim was our doula for our fourth child. If we'd been able to we would have loved to have her as a doula for our other three too! We found Kim a wonderful support and source of information. We initially investigated hiring a doula to be a additional support person so my husband could look after any of our older children who decided they would like to be there at the birth. He was also glad that someone else would be there on the 'front line' this time round! As a doula Kim proved to be so warm, caring and nurturing throughout the pregnancy and the labor itself. Every question or concern no matter how trivial was taken seriously and answered warmly with respect and knowledge. Kim was able to recommend valuable resources and talk through them with me. During the labor itself Kim gave me the confidence to birth the way that felt right for me and my baby. We had built up a strong sense of trust, she knew when to give words of encouragement, when to hold my arm in support and when no words were needed. I am so grateful that Kim was able to be part of such a wonderful journey in our lives. She still proves to be such a great form of support and souce of wisdom when it comes to parenting! Thank you Kim.

by Louise
Services Offered
I offer 3 prenatal visits with my clients . I go on call for two weeks before the birth. I will attend the whole birth whatever time it takes. Two follow up postnatal visits which include a debrief. And I go on call for any follow up questions and support for two weeks after the birth.
Other Skills
I have an extensive library of books, and resources. I do offer Homeopathics and whilst not a photographer am happy to take photos if the situation permits
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