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Pauline Hoogkamer
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02 8012 6046
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Childbirth International
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Pauline, mother of 2, and 35 years old, has always felt drawn to children and has been a au-pair as early as 14. Babysitting and caring for children has always been her passion. But it wasn't untill she got her first baby in 2005 that something really 'clicked'. Being very afraid for the birth Pauline found out that in her home country (Holland) doula's weren't around, and if they were, they lived too far away. She followed yoga to ease her mind, and that set things in motion for her. She started becoming involved in learning how to (teach) baby massage, give pre-natal yoga lessons, and later on her second baby was born ( 2008).At this time she started her studies at the Australian Doula College, for she and her families dream came true; they got an Australian Visa. (PR). She started giving yoga lessons to pregnant woman and did partnering lessons as well, and worked together with a well-know Dutch Midwife company who were more than happy to help her. She did her first birth in Holland ( VBAC) and it was wonderful. She feels women should have a choice e.g. homebirthing or not, especially coming from a country where homebirth is the standard. She is also a post-natal doula, and has followed some studies in Holland about that. She wants to help the mother, but the family as well, and feels fine doing whatever needs to be done in order to make the experience of getting a baby the most wonderful. She is a certified doula and has experience with the Australian system as well.
In my opinion, Pauline Hoogkamer's presence as a doula at my delivery was very useful. She was a great support and at the time of need she said all the right words, which motivated me to see things through to the end. Without her there, I am confident to say, it would have been a whole different experience, i.e. less relaxed and less successful. In short, Pauline is a great doula and was a true asset! Gineke Boesveldt
Services Offered
As part of my service to you, I will meet with you a few times prior to birth and set up a birth plan. I will support and assist you and your support people through the labour and delivery, take and provide you with pictures (if you like) and also provide you with your birth story from my perspective. I will be on 24-hour call 2 weeks before and after your due date, and will come whenever you feel you need me. After the baby is born I will come to see you to talk about the birth, and hand in my book with the photo's (if desired) and the birthstory. Another aspect of my service will be the postnatal part. I want to help out where I'm needed most. This can be with the baby, with pampering the mother, taking care of other children etc. I can bring some stability inside your home, and am passionate about doing so.
Other Skills
I can provide you with yoga-exercises on how to breath, teach you how to massage you baby. I have studied the postnatal period for the baby and mother (this is a Dutch study and profession)