Anne Castles
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Anne Castles: Doula, Prenatal & Postnatal Counselling, Women's Circles
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Earth + Womb
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0439 911 417
Brisbane (Mater Mothers Hospital & RBWH)
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Birthing Doula, Postnatal Doula
Bachelor Social Work (University of Queensland) ; Australian Doula College; Birthing From Within Advanced Training; Pregnancy & Postnatal Counselling- birth trauma, anxiety & depression support; Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (mindfulness strategies);
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Looking for ways to support yourself to cope with intensity, pain and facing the unknown in your birth? Interested in giving birth with awareness and love, regardless of where or how your birth happens? Would you like nurturing and professional support during your pregnancy, birth and early mothering journey?

As a doula with a professional background in social work and counselling, I help pregnant women and new mothers in Brisbane feel more confident, supported, and less stressed about this big journey of welcoming a new baby.

Increase your confidence to cope with the unknown in labour, birth and beyond. Allow yourself and your family to be deeply nurtured during this profound rite of passage.
What was the most helpful part of having a doula in your health care team?

"The support for me and especially my husband. We would not have been able to stay at home for that long. Knowing someone with experience was present was good. Also simply knowing someone was here to help just the two of us."
- Martina & Nathan 2013- Mater Public Hospital

"Anne was an incredible support for me and my husband in the lead up to, and during the birth of our child. Our conversations in the weeks leading up to the birth helped me to embrace the power of labour and surrender control when the time came. The birth of my son was a truly joyful, empowering experience- we required more medical intervention than I had hoped for, but the conversations I had with Anne prior to the birth had helped me to explore my thoughts and feelings in the event that medical interventions did become necessary. For me, this prior preparation which my doula helped me to go through before the labour and birth was invaluable.

Anne's emotional support during the labour was wonderful- from the moment she arrived at the hospital, she brought a gentle, calming and honouring presence. Anne shared with me the awe, wonder and respect for the incredible, natural processes of pregnancy, birth and mothering- knowing this allowed me to feel completely comfortable with her while labouring and giving birth...

My wonderful husband was with me throughout the entire labour and birth and he greatly appreciated Anne's support as well. I feel that he was able to support me even more, knowing that he had Anne supporting him too. He often comments on how valuable and special it was to have her there"
~ Yasmin & Selim, March 2012, Royal Brisbane Hospital
Services Offered
Doula Packages Can Include:

Initial meeting to discuss your needs and how it could look if we worked together.
Home based prenatal support sessions (exploring what need now, during your labour and birth, and planning for early parenting).
Extensive library of books and DVDS for you to loan from.
On call for 2 weeks before your due date and until your baby is born.
Support during your labour and birth.
Home visits after your birth to provide emotional and practical support.

I provide home based doula support sessions to women and families living in the Brisbane area.

Holistic Birth & Early Motherhood Preparation:

- Simple, gentle and safe bodywork. Supporting you to birth with greater ease by using traditional techniques to help create space and body awareness for birthing your baby.

- Self care techniques to heal and reconnect with your amazing body during pregnancy and after your birth

- Support to learn effective pain coping techniques for birth and beyond

- Birth Art Sessions to explore the inner world of beliefs, hopes, fears, and values that can impact on your birth experience

- Handmade Self Care Packs to support your mind and body healing including: herbal teas; body potions to be used during your pregnancy, labour, birth and early mothering.
Other Skills
- Pregnancy or postnatal counselling focused on women experiencing anxiety, depression or who have experienced a traumatic birth.
- Belly painting and henna art
- Mother blessing ceremonies
- Women's Circles- community based, low cost, mothers groups with a more holistic twist! For mamas who want to feel inspired, connected and nourished by having a supportive village around them.