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Sally Hudson
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Optimum Birth
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***CONGRATULATIONS!*** I always find it an honour to be chosen to support a woman in the most important experience of her life. My journey to becoming a doula began in 2007 with the birth of our highly spirited, gorgeous son Max. We had an amazing pregnancy and birth. It was natural, full of love and laughter. One of the most enjoyable days of my life and I wish this for everyone. My goal as doula is to help you and your partner find your own birth path. Each path is amazingly special. I love
Sally was Doula for the birth of our third child Jack. Having never had a Doula before we were not sure what to expect. When Bill and I first met Sally we felt instantly at ease and confidant that our choice to include her in the birth of Jack was a good one. She quickly put us at ease as we talked about the impending birth and our expectations. When the time came for Jack to be born Sally provided an amazing amount of support, strength and love. Labour did not progress as expected and Jack ended up being a caesarean birth due to malpresentation. At every turn as we had to make hard decisions about how to progress Sally exuded a confidence and calm that immediately eased the situation. The midwives commented on how the mood of the room changed when she arrived (you could
Services Offered
As your doula I will visit you and your partner at home for two antenatal visits that we organize. This includes the initial meeting. These visits prepare the way for the best labor and birth for you as an individual. During these visits we will get to know each other and I will bring any information I have that you request eg: leaflets, books, videos. I firmly believe that my job is to serve YOU and that only YOU can know the best birth options for yourself. As your knowledge grows you will be able to develop your birth plan and will be able to instruct me about the type of birth you would like. When you go into labor I will meet you at the hospital and stay with you throughout the birth process to support you in the way planned. If a home birth I will meet you at your home. Women who have had doula support before birth usually have much faster labors because they are well prepared and calm so if I don't get to the labor before the birth please understand that it was not meant to be. After your baby's birth I will leave you when you feel you do not need me. I will visit you again at the hospital or in your own home to talk about your labor experiences and to do any further support work you request of me. My overall aim is to help you to achieve the best birth experience for you, whether you choose a natural birth, a medically assisted birth or an elective caesarean section.
Other Skills
I am also a qualified Massage Therapist, Infant Massage Instructor, Yoga Teacher and a Hug.a.Bub Distributor. I look forward to supporting you. Take care.