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Samantha Diplaris
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Samantha Diplaris
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Samantha Diplaris Birth Doula
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Melbourne CBD, South Eastern and Bayside Suburbs
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Birthing Doula, Postnatal Doula
Australian Doula College
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I'm Samantha (Sam) Diplaris. I'm the mother of three beautiful children. I understand the confusion and mixed emotions that can happen when you're pregnant. I've been there! I'm told I'm just the person to have on your side when you might be feeling uncertain or overwhelmed by the changes you're experiencing. When I'm working with you, I'm where I love to be - totally immersed in what you are experiencing, caring for you and advocating for you. I delight in caring for mothers like you, to help you feel safe, supported and comfortable throughout your pregnancy, during the birth and when your baby is born.
I will listen to you, so I understand your needs and concerns. I'll help you understand the changes you're experiencing, and sift through the maze of choices you're offered, so you have the confidence to choose the right pathway towards a beautiful birth for you, and a great start on your journey to parenthood.
Like so many mothers who have chosen to have the support of a Doula, I know that having a Doula working alongside your chosen medical professionals, provides a greater sense of control over their pregnancy and birth, greater success in breast feeding, less post partum depression and importantly - partners who are more confident and supportive.
Call me on 0409 353 444 or email: samantha.diplaris@gmail.com, if you'd like to chat about the care I provide. I would love to hear from you.