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Lori Montgomery
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Lori Montgomery
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0439 851 355
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Birthing Doula, Postnatal Doula
Charles Darwin University Bachelor of Midwifery (incomplete), Childbirth International
About / Bio
I am a mother of three daughters (two of whom I gave birth to), and a longtime believer in the strength and empowerment of women. My own birth journeys were somewhat complicated, and thanks to the support of wonderful doulas and midwives, they went beautifully and I couldn't ask for better outcomes for everyone involved. I believe strongly that with continuity of care, encouragement, knowledge, education, and support, every birthing person can have their best birth experience, and welcome their child on their own terms.

I currently hold an NT Ochre Card (Working With Children Clearance), Senior First Aid and CPR Certificate, a current Australian Federal Police Clearance letter, and maintain all of my immunisations, including an annual influenza vaccination.

I am very LGBTQIA inclusive, and endeavour to positively support in language and action all birthing people, their partners, and families.
"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Lori Montgomery and her exceptional services as a Doula. I have known Lori for over two years and can personally account for her knowledge, expertise and care in this regard.

Lori was my Doula for the birth of my second child and I can honestly attest that the experience was so much more controlled, fulfilling and harmonious than the birth of my first child, in which I had no Doula present.

From pre-birth consultation and regular check-ins to breathing techniques, labouring aids, labour positioning, intuition with regards to my emotional & physical needs and encouragement, Lori understood me and my birthing goals from the beginning. Lori always provided me any extra or alternative information I asked for about my choices regarding my labour & birth, and following on from the birth of my son, Lori was there to provide post-birth follow-up and regular contact.

Furthermore, at the time of my second delivery, my husband was ill and unable to be in close proximity to me or the baby due to the risk of infection, therefore Lori was in physical close contact for the entire duration of my time in the birthing suite.

I stand firm in my belief that I was able to achieve my aspiration of a completely drug free natural birth in under six hours because of Lori, and therefore recommend her services as a Doula with unwavering hesitation and wholehearted endorsement. " - Ann L.
Services Offered
-Initial Consultation-
I will meet you and your partner as early in your pregnancy as possible to become acquainted with you, to discuss your wishes and concerns and to explore the ways in which I can support you. After eight years of providing birth support and care, I understand that your individual needs will be unique and personal and the need to find a care provider who resonates with you, and I absolutely respect and support every family’s choices. Our initial half-hour meeting does not obligate you in any way. There is no charge for this initial consultation, although we may discuss fees should you wish to appoint me as your doula.

-Doula Support-
I am available to help answer your questions, discuss birth plans, and give you all kinds of information about almost anything you need to know - my experience as a student midwife has given me a lot of insight I didn't have as a doula before I began studying midwifery. My goal is to empower you to make your own choices, and to help you keep that power and protect your space during birth. You'll be doing the hard part, but I will gladly help you and make it as easy for you as I can.

We will visit as detailed below and discuss your wishes and plans for the labour, birth and postpartum. I will also want to know how you prefer to cope with pain and fatigue and how you and your partner wish to relate and work together. I do not perform any clinical tasks, such as monitoring blood pressure or physical examinations. I will provide for your physical comfort and emotional support. I will not give you advice or make decisions for you, but I will offer unbiased, evidence-based information to you so that you can make your own, informed decisions. I will offer guidance to help you identify your needs and wishes, and assist you in believing in your your own strength and ability to birth, to help you achieve your desired outcome.

-four visits during pregnancy (approximately two hours each) - may be home visits within 50km of Darwin CBD, attending antenatal appointments with you, or a combination thereof.

-regular email/phone/text support throughout your pregnancy and 24 hour on call from 2 weeks before your estimated due date.

-in person support throughout your labour and the first two hours postnatally

-access to my library and resources, including support with creating your birth plan.

-postnatal visit/s, up to three hours in total, during the first six weeks (additional support after this time can be negotiated if/as required for an extra fee).

-pregnancy/birth massage with organic, therapeutic grade essential oils (up to 30 minutes during antenatal visits, as required during birth).

-aromatherapy during birth as required.

-1kg of organic sea salt and herbal blend for bathing or lotus birth, perfect for relaxation during pregnancy or healing sitz baths postnatally.

-250 grams of organic pregnancy tea (red raspberry leaf blend for uterine tone).

I will be available to you via text/email/mobile within reasonable hours for your pregnancy, and on call 24/7 for two weeks prior to your estimated due date, ready to travel to you as soon as you need me. I will also visit you postnatally, to help care for you after you give birth. (I am lucky enough to have an extensive support network of my own to help look after my kids so I can look after you!)

My fee is $1500, including the retainer fee of $500 due when you select me as your doula. The second payment of $750 is payable in your third trimester at 32 weeks, and the balance of $250 is payable by 37 weeks, when I go on call for you. The final payment will be refunded if I am unable to attend the birth (eg. a very rapid labour and birth or otherwise unforeseeable circumstances), the rest will be kept to cover the other services and support provided.
Other Skills
-Prenatal and birth massage and acupressure
-Optimal foetal positioning advice
-Aromatherapy during labour
-Rebozo 'sifting'
-Written birth story