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I am a person who usually likes to choose the natural alternatives in life but after struggling to conceive a baby naturally I finally became pregnant with my first baby at the end of 2010 with the help of fertility treatment. Because I had such a hard time conceiving, my pregnancy was filled with fear and I felt very unsure about how the birth of my baby would turn out. I did my doula training in early 2011 when I was halfway through my pregnancy. After gaining so much information through the course I became determined to pursue my dream of having a natural, non-medicated birth. I changed my doctor, got a doula and planned a water birth at my local hospital. After much preparation and support from my doula, I gave birth to my little boy into the water in late August 2011 without the use of any drugs. This amazing experience really confirmed to me that birth is not something to be afraid of and it really can be a beautiful and empowering experience. It is my dream to support other women in the way I was supported throughout my pregnancy and birth. It is my hope that women have access to information so that they may make the most appropriate choices for their families and go on to give birth without fear. I believe that it is very important for a labouring mother to feel safe in her environment and to trust that the people in it will act upon the best interests of herself and her baby. For this reason, as your doula it will be my role to build a relationship with you and your partner so that you may be empowered to experience the birth that you desire. During your pregnancy I will visit you (and your partner) to get to know you and the type of birth that you would like. I will provide you with or direct you towards any resources that you may find helpful. I will talk you through any fears and concerns you may have. During labour and birth I will be as hands off or as hands on as you would like. I will respect your wishes and ensure that your partner is involved as little or as much as he would like to be. I will suggest pain coping techniques and positions that may be more comfortable for you or optimal for your babies positioning for birth. If you wish I will also be able to photograph your birth and/or the first few moments after your baby is born. And I will continue to be available after your birth for breastfeeding support and de-briefing of your birth. Being invited to support a mother and witness new life is an absolute honour! I live in Capel & I service the south west region.
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I offer Professional birth photography. Check out my images at www.springphotography.com.au