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Every mother-to-be deserves the best! I am a mum of four children of which three were natural births and one was a C section so certainly understand that every birth is different. I believe every woman has the right to birth the way they feel they can, and I will be there to help this in every way. I see my role as being there to support you in every way I can. I'm am passionate about empowering and nurturing woman and their partners/ husbands during birth, to support you both through this amazing experience. I treat this as a privilege and will cherish every birth I attend and am part of. I like to spend time with both parents during pregnancy to discuss the plan that you both have, and be an active part of each step. I am a doula and a Karitane/ Mothercraft nurse so can offer after birth help and services, including breast feeding, sleep routines, nutrition, development and behaviors. I have worked with babies and children for over 18 years and have been a mum for over 26 years, so this is my passion. I have trained in New Zealand and am have a lot of experience with different cultures, especially Maori culture, and am well aware of cord pulsation and keeping the placenta. Aroahanui. I cover Brisbane, Gold Coast areas (some Sunshine Coast areas if needed)
I recently support a young mum and her husband in the joy of birthing their baby girl. I spent time with them both before the birth discussing their plan and what they wanted during labour and birthing. I spent the first 8 hours with mum and dad at home, chatting, laughing and comforting through the stages. Then 6 hours in the hospital, in which time I encouraged and supported both parents. At times when needed, I stood back and allowed the parents to be the active partners, loving each other during this time, but when asked and needed I would be there for them both. During the actual birth, the baby's heart rate was very high, so I was there to support and comforted both parents and encourage mum more to push to get this baby to birth safety. And she was.....a beautiful 7.4lb baby girl! Magical and amazing every time! I then spent 3 days at the parents home, helping to establish breast feeding, and demonstrating basic parents skills eg: bathing, sleep swaddling and positioning, sterilizing and nutrition and rest for the parents. I helped cook meals and basic housework. This then enables the parents to spend a lot of bonding time with their baby and each other.
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Pregnancy support and encouragement Doula..labour and birth encouragement and support. Karitane and Mothercraft nurse service specializing in Breast feeding Sleep routines Nutrition Development Behaviors
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Baby massage