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Morgan Hick
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Morgan Hick
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Albury Wodonga doula service
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Childbirth International
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Hi, my name is Morgan Hick, I’m a wife to my husband Josh and mother of three beautiful girls, Torah (6), Isla (4) and Jemima (1)

I come from a very large family and have been around babies my whole life. Before having my children I worked as an enrolled nurse in palliative and high care nursing homes. After having my first daughter Torah I was convinced I wanted to return to study to become a midwife, but just before giving birth to my second daughter Isla someone mentioned a doula and what they provide. After hearing exactly what the role if a doula was I felt it was my true calling.

I want to be able to support a family through the entire pregnancy process, the labour and continue to help after their baby is born, rather then just as the role of a midwife in the hospital. Because of my nursing background I have a high level of respect of medical staff and feel I can work along side them very well.

I am a qualified Doula through childbirth international. I feel extremely passionate about women making informed choices and achieving the birth that they want.  I feel that childbirth can be a very fulfilling moment and it should not be something to be feared but rather faced with excitment.
Having Morgan as a Doula was the best decision I made. She was there for every stress, every decision, and ever experience. Nothing was too difficult. She gave us piece of mind, and support in a time that did not go to plan, and I remember her as the positive experience in the whole ordeal. I didn’t just gain someone who was medically helpful , but also a friend and confident. My husband and I would recommend Morgan to anyone looking for a doula – Becky and  Brian

I’m so thankful for Morgan being present at the birth of my second child. My first birth was rather traumatic to me, and ended in a caesarean and I had a lot of fear approaching my second. Morgan gave me a safe place to process my feelings, and discuss extensively my desires and wishes for birth. It was a huge comfort going into labour with a friend who knew my birth plan, knew my strengths and weaknesses, and was truly by my side physically and emotionally. With her support I was able to bring my baby into the world in the manner I desired, and heal my heart a little from the trauma of my first birth. She completed a small but fantastic support team for my labour and birth, and I will be forever greatful for her support. – Michelle and Cam

The placenta capsules Morgan did for me were amazing. I suffered quite a bad blood loss during labour and I credit the capsules with my speedy recovery. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that they gave me increased energy at a time when I needed it most. I cannot recommend your service highly enough & I was a little bit sad when I reached the end of my little bottle of pills!!! Thank you so much. I will be back! – Megan
Services Offered
- standard doula package $750
- vbac and first birth package $900
- Customised doula package (contact for a quote)

- with a doula package $125

- Raw or TCM placenta encapsulation $240
- Placenta tincture $65
- 1/2 Raw, 1/2 TCM an extra $40
- $30 pick up fee, if you require collection of placenta from hospital. 

Standard doula service:
- Initial meeting to discuss needs and wants and to get to know each other. 
- 2 pre natal visits. (1-2 hours each) 
- Birth plan assistance and birth preparation.
- Free hire of a tens machine if required.
- unlimited phone calls, texts and emails.
- On call from 38 weeks until birth.
- Birth support (for entire birth and until first breast feed is established after birth or mother feels comfortable for me to leave)
- 2 post natal visits (1-2 hours each)
- Breast feeding assistance 
- Settling techniques

Photography package:
- pre natal visit to discuss birth photography.
- on call from 38 weeks until birth
- photos taken entire birth up until baby is born and weighed and measured and dressed after birth.
- All photos are put onto a USB for you to keep
- A personalised slideshow put together. (For a personal keep sake or even to announce babies arrival on social media or to family and friends) 

Placenta packages:
- Pre natal visit or phone call to discuss encapsulation options and preferences. 
- Finished Placenta products will be personally delivered within 48 hours of me receiving the placenta.
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