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Vaughne Geary
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Vaughne Geary - Yoni Co. Doula
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Yoni Co.
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2 years
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Birthing Doula, Postnatal Doula
Certified Doula (CD) - Australian Doula College, Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy),
About / Bio
Yoni Co. is a love fuelled and evidence based Doula and Women's Health service offered by Vaughne Geary, who stands beside, champions for and empowers the expanding collective of yoni yielding mothers through the transformative journey of pregnancy, birth and the fourth trimester.

Based in Northcote, Melbourne, Vaughne is a qualified Naturopath and Maternal Doula, who trained intensively through the Australian Doula College in 2016 under the guidance of admired birth professionals: Renee Adair and Tammy Halliday.
Vaughne is further expanding her obsession with and dedication to motherhood through mentoring with Angela Gallo - undertaking her Dynamo Doula Training Program to incorporate broader support methods for families of all backgrounds and preferences.

Through her training as both a full spectrum Birth + Postpartum Doula, as well as years of scientific study to become a Clinical Naturopath, Vaughne has a deep understanding of both the physiological and emotional facets that influence pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. Vaughne also harnesses a fascination and dedication to improving health outcomes of mothers, their babies and family using nutrition, herbs and gentle lifestyle practices to support and nourish.

Vaughne will support and empower you to make informed decisions about your birth, whether it be at home, at a birth centre, or in a hospital setting, whilst working beside your chosen healthcare team to enhance, protect and nurture your birth experience.

Recognising that birth and becoming a mother is an experience you will remember for the rest of your life, Vaughne brings a collective calm to her clients and the birthing space, whilst providing you with her full attention, presence, care and unwavering guidance through pregnancy and in to the postpartum period.

Vaughne loves to show positivity, humour and wholehearted support to every mother and family she works with, to ensure that you feel understood, acknowledged, empowered, relaxed and safe when bringing your baby in to the world.

Vaughne is non-judgemental, thoughtful and considerate of you and your partners needs, hopes, wishes, uncertainties and fears, and will work with you through these to ensure that your birth experience is validated, educated, individualised and wholly yours to own.

It truly does take a village to birth and raise a child, and Vaughne works tirelessly to embody and advocate that in her practice as a Doula for mothers, their partners and their family that they chose to surround themselves with.
"Vaughne and her inimitable powers to guide women through the sacred passage that is birth - these powers really do go unmatched. I had envisaged a home water birth for a long long time and my heart was set on that (or something similar) right up until the moment I was told that my baby would have complex medical needs that required immediate paediatric care and therefore birth must and will happen in a hospital room.
This was devastating for many reasons but there was light in the darkness and that came in the shape of our doula, Vaughne.
I consider my 22 hour labour to be tremendously hard yet simultaneously calming and I am soooo grateful for Vaughne's presence in those especially challenging moments, as I relied heavily on her and looked to her for guidance which she always provided so gently. She empowered me to birth Edie the way I had always wanted and also managed to transform my hospital room into a cosy hub of lavender and cups of tea and soft piano in the background. Vaughne's exceptional abilities as a doula stem from her big heart and warm spirit - she is unfathomably kind, loyal, nurturing and supportive and our family feel so indebted to her for her guidance throughout our journey to meet our Edie. We love you Vaughne!"
- Aimee & Jake

"Vaughne provided invaluable support throughout my pregnancy and birth and following. She was respectful, kind, generous with her knowledge and warm. As my baby was breeched, I was required to have a C-section and Vaughne was so responsive to my needs and helped alleviate a lot of the concerns myself and my partner had. On the day of my birth we were so grateful to have Vaughne present to provide me and my partner with hands on support which contributed to a very calm and wonderful birth. I am thrilled with Vaughne’s support and would happily recommend her to family or friends who would like to have a wonderful birth experience."
- Deirdre & Brian
Services Offered

- Complimentary first meeting
This is to connect and get to know each other over a coffee or cuppa. Partners and siblings are encouraged to come along so that we can discuss your hopes for your pregnancy, birth and fourth trimester.

- Three x antenatal sessions
(Approximately 90minutes each, these will allow for Vaughne to facilitate and build a strong and understanding relationship with you. She will also support you in creating birth preferences, provide information on labour stages, emotions and physical changes involved in the birth and the fourth trimester, interventions, relaxation and birthing techniques and partner/sibling involvement)

- Consistent and unlimited text message, call and email connection - regarding pregnancy, birth and postpartum questions or concerns after the contract is signed.

- Personalised nutritional advice and guidance throughout your pregnancy and in to the fourth trimester. Safe and effective herbal and supplement support is also available through all stages of your journey to motherhood.

- On call 24/7 for two weeks before and after your due date
Vaughne will be fully available to attend your labour and birth during this time

- Following your birth, Vaughne will stay with you for several hours; making sure you are all settled in with your bambino. This includes ensuring you are fed delicious and nourishing food, watered and hydrated, cleaned up and feeling comfortable.

- 2 x postpartum home visits where Vaughne likes to wrap your new family up in love, with nourishing food, healing herbs and support in caring for your baby. In these sessions, you will debrief the birth experience, be given space to voice your feelings about motherhood and Vaughne can offer you guidance with settling and breastfeeding if there are any concerns.
Other Skills
- Clinical Nutrition
- Herbal Medicine
- Flower Essences
- Robozo skills