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Sonya Wildgrace
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07 54942353
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I have been a doula since 1997 and have given birth to 5 of my own children. I am a proud vbac 4 mum and am a passionate supporter of natural ecstatic birth and vaginal birth after a cesarean. I believe in real informed choice and offer an empowerment model of care and education with strong emphasis on nutrition . I also believe that given the opportunity to stay in her feelings a women knows intuitively what is good for her and her baby. Love is a fundamental piece of the birth puzzle,love for each other-the parents,love from the doula-human service,love from the environment where we choose to birth our babies and love from community-family and friends.
"As a single woman due to have a baby at 31 years old the idea of giving birth was petrifying,believe it or not it doesn't always come naturally. The guidance I was given was second to none and the support extended to me I was hard pressed to find. The knowledge Sonya shared with me was better than any text book or magazine. Therefore the birth of my daughter was exactly as it should be. I would recommend Sonya's childbirth education long before any other birth support option. As a compliment to your existing birth support partner or on her own,her assistance is invaluable." Jackie .M. Gladstone Qld
Services Offered
I offer 4 hr Interactive Childbirth Classes in small groups,or Privately in your own home. For couples wanting to unpack and explore their birth options after a previous cesarean I offer 1hr counselling sessions. I also facilitate a specialised 6 hr VBAC class for women and their support partners wanting to fully prepare for a natural birth after a cesarean. I am experienced in Vbac, homebirth, water birth, lotusbirth, hypnobirth, Cesarean birth,hospital birth,threatened miscarriage,premature birth.
Other Skills
I am a Reiki Master/practitioner with skills in counseling & therapeutic communications. I am a student in natural medicine with special interest in pre-conception nutrition . I offer a local referral service to allied services in my community.