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Jules Brooks Birth Doula - Calmbirth Practitioner
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Birthing Doula
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I am an experienced Doula and have been supporting couples through their birth journey for 18 years. I am a Childbirth Educator, Calmbirth Practitioner and the Mother of 3 teenagers. My interest in working as a Doula was by inspired by my own birth experiences, after having a caesarean section and two natural births, I felt drawn to this work wanting women to have better births.

My support is for the birthing woman and her partner and I see my role is to uphold what is important to them. ​I view birth as a normal​ life experience and I believe in women's bodies and their ability to birth and hope to pass on that trust and confidence. I bring many skills to my work on a practical, physical and emotional level.
What I feel is most important is that couples have a positive experience however their birth unfolds.

Words, a card and all the money in the world can't truly express our gratitude for the amazing work you did on the wonderful day that our daughter came into this world. As we have told all our friends and family we couldn't have done it without you. From start to finish you were sincere, dedicated and very, very hard working. May you continue your
Services Offered
My Birth Support includes:
2-3 Antenatal visits
Birth Plan meeting
On call for your due month
24hr support during labour
1-2 Postnatal visits
Other Skills
Calmbirth Practitioner teaching for 12 years
Childbirth Education Classes
Birth Plan Meeting
Birth Debriefing