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All my life I have always truly enjoyed nurturing people. It is something you can not switch off. When it came to career choice after school I had no idea what I wanted to do so I chose accounting. Which for years has just been a job for me. When I became pregnant with my first son I could not have been happier. I marvelled at my new body...the life it helped create and the changes it made to help it thrive and grow. I was healthy, fit and relatively young. I cried at every birth I watched fearful but in awe. I was miffed at the numerous women who told me horrific stories. My birthplan was a non interventional one...however it just didn't go to plan. I was left feeling totally incapable, distant and battered. Yes, I had a beautiful healthy baby boy, but I felt disenchanted to say the least. But from all accounts, that was normal, everything was good, I should feel good. The first day of mothers group we debriefed our births. One by one the women told of horror stories. Except one mother. This one woman changed my path and led me to be a doula. Her birth story was beautiful and she spoke like a warrior. She had confidence, strength and admiration in her voice. She had a completely natural waterbirth. But more importantly she was a midwife who knew her body could do it and she had the support to do it. So despite a lot of negative feedback I made different choices with my second pregnancy with the goal of achieving an empowered birth such as my friend. The difference was huge. I can not describe it. I made informed choices with this birth having learnt a lot since the birth of my first son. I had energy, confidence, pride, elation and an amazing sense of bonding all within the first 24hrs of having him. When I fell pregnant with my third son, there was no doubt I would strive for the same birth experience as our second. It was at this point that a different friend of mine exclaimed in horror that I couldnt possibly subject my husband to that again. Apparently he was traumatized. I had no idea what a doula was but I asked my girlfriend (the former midwife) if she would like to be a part of the birth experience for our third bub. She was my doula! Or I should say our doula. She was amazing. The extra support, guidance, energy and love surmounted all my expectations. Little things made a huge difference. Not only this but she made it for my husband. He felt supported and it led to him too enjoying the experience and having a nice memory of this birth. I will always have that bond with my girlfriend from that journey and I cannot explain how blessed I feel to have had her lead me to this path of becoming a doula. It is an honour, a privilege and a passion I have to help support women on their own journey to have an empowered birth no matter what their choices or their outcomes.
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I will meet with you and your partner two or three times during your pregnancy to get to know you both and your birth wishes. I will support you from the onset of labour until after the baby is born, you are comfortable or an hour or two after the birth. I will meet with you one or two times after the birth to discuss the birth and answer any questions or concerns you have. I welcome during the whole journey together any communication via phone or email as you feel necessary for a flat fee.