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Aubrey Wicks
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02 9948 9598
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Birth Right
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My name is Aubrey and I live in Seaforth, NSW. I have a lovely husband and 2 boys, Ethan and Owen and they are 6 and 9. My passion is life and I find nothing more amazing than a woman bringing life into this world. I have always found pregnancy and birth such a beautiful treasure. I am here to help you in any way that you need to make your experience special and unique. I trained at Optimum Birth originally and then one on one training with Birth Right. I work for Birth Right so if you are interested please call 0419 606 171.
I am just out of the student phase of bring a doula, I recently had my first client and the testimony is coming soon!
Services Offered
I will meet with you at least 2 times before the birth, helping you create a birth plan and providing any information you need. I am there to support you at all times. I will then attend your labour and birth providing any support you need, massage, running small errands, helping the mood in the room stay consistent, etc. After your birth I will do one visit which will include a birth debrief.