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Belinda Amelia Drew
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As long as I can remember I have been drawn to babies and birth. The births of my two children have been so life changing that I found a new vocation to become a doula. I feel blessed to be sharing such a special journey with couples as they prepare for birth, and to witness the arrival of their bundle of joy. Every birth I attend is a miracle and a priviledge to be a part of. I believe that a doula's presence, knowledge, wisdom, and trust in the birth process ensures a positive experience, whatever the outcome. Continuity of care is so important in creating a safe haven for a birthing mother to bring her baby into the world. I also encourage fathers to play an active role during the birth, if they desire. My special interest is in VBAC births, as I have experienced one myself with my son Julian. It was such an incredibly empowering and joyous birth. I have experience in a range of births, including hypnobirthing, using Juju's techniques for pain management, water births, calm births in both private and public hospitals. My ultimate goal is to support couples in achieving a fulfilling birth, by advocating for their wishes and ensuring that they are fully informed during any decision making.
Belinda Drew assisted me throughout my pregnancy and during the birth of my son in August 2008. I have known Belinda for a couple of years and have always been amazed by her positive and happy nature. When I fell pregnant with my second child, Belinda offered me her support as a doula. I can only look back with gratitude and relief. Belinda not only possesses an instinctual, nuturing character, but her involvement right from the beginning of my pregnancy was supportive and understanding. She has gone out of her way to visit me in times of need, even though she juggles her own family life with two children. At the time of my labour, Belinda was immediately at my side. Her preparation was meticulous and again she proved that going out of her way to make the labour as comfortable and easy for me as possible, was a natural and enjoyable event for her. She had essential oils for relaxation and for topical use;plenty of relaxing and soothing music and most importantly, her strength lied in giving me the space I needed it, but also the support and professional approach of listening to my needs when I needed her most. Belinda also informed herself extensively with my support network and my midwives, collecting all vital information and keeping my mind at ease about all aspects of my labour. After the birth of my son,Jaquann, Belinda visited me three-four times a week and supported me physically and emotionally. I can not only recommend her highly as a professional doula but also as a warm, patient and nurturing woman who truly believes in the work she does. I wish her all the best for the future, Nicole Rudolf Charles, Brigitta and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful support you provided not only on 3rd July 2004 at the birth of Brigitta, but all the effort and love you gave leading up to her birth. The entire experience was made all the more memorable due to your help. I could not have stuck to my birth plan without your fantastic assistance and Charlie could not have been as wonderful during labour without your calming support. We can only hope and pray you continue to provide such superb assistance to other future mothers.
Services Offered
I usually meet with a couple at least twice prior to the birth to prepare and discuss birth wishes and get to know each other. I also offer an obligation free first visit to help you decide whether I am the right doula for you. I then support you for the duration of labour, and remain with you for at least an hour until breastfeeding has been established, or until you are comfortable. I then pay you a final visit to debrief and discuss your birth experience. I am also available for additional postnatal support if needed, with feeding settling and day to day care of your newborn.
Other Skills
I offer massage, aromatherapy and photography. I have also trained in acupressure as an option for pain relief during labour. I enjoy doing clay foot and hand prints of your newborn, for a keepsake, during the postnatal visit if desired. I have supported couples with hypnobirthing and Juju's techniques. I have a library of pregnancy and birthing material you are welcome to borrow, and a birthing ball, relaxation cd's for a calm birth and birth dvd's.