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Brooke Martin
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Brooke Martin
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Mandala Life (facebook page) I am a Doula, Pre and Post Natal Yoga Teacher, Infant Massage Instructor and Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. As a Doula, I believe that all women deserve a safe and empowering birth experience. I also believe that they need a strong support team during pregnancy, birth and the post natal period. A strong team will provide the confidence and safe haven that women require in order to have a positive birth experience. As a Doula I encourage my clients to make informed choices regarding their place of birth, their choice of care giver and even when intervention is needed I encourage them to ask lots of questions and check for any alternative methods. Unfortunately in today's society with the demands of the medical system some women are feeling detached from their births, either because they were not supported in their choices or they were pressured into
The minute that we met Brooke I knew she would be my doula. It was really important to me that my partner Mikey connected and felt comfortable with her as they would be working very closely together as my 'birth team'! Brooke's visits before the birth put us at ease, and when I went into labour she gave Mikey and me time together but kept in contact to monitor progress. It was so helpful to have someone knowledgeable in close contact. When we needed her she arrived very quickly and gave me the confidence to move to a standing position - and subsequently things progressed very quickly! When we moved to the birth centre she organised the logistics and got us there with minimal stress and anxiety.

Once at the hospital she liaised with the midwives and was there offering gentle support and advice without being overwhelming - if it wasn't for her quick thinking and anticipation I wouldn't have had a water birth as she organised the bath just in time for birthing. I had Brooke on my left coaching me through the contractions and Mikey on my right offering the emotional support - it couldn't have worked better - after 20 mins we were the proud parents of Teo - a beautiful baby boy at 8lbs 3ozs. As he was born completely naturally - with only the help of homeopathic medicine, essential oils, massage and yoga techniques - he was very calm, happy and alert - and this made our first few bonding hours very special.

I know without a doubt having Brooke as our doula made the entire birthing experience more calm, less stressful and much quicker than we had expected. Now I have a gorgeous healthy happy boy and a great connection with a new friend that shared this amazing experience.

Kira & Mikey, April 2010
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I am also a qualified yoga teacher specialising in prenatal yoga and offer private pre and post yoga classes in the comfort of your own home. I am also a qualified infant massage instructor and also offer this service privately in the comfort of your own home too.