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Caitlin Erica
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Sydney-wide: Hurstville, Kogarah, Sutherland, Bankstown, Liverpool, Campbelltown, Parramatta, Inner West, Eastern Suburbs
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Birthing Doula
Birth Right Training Academy
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My work as a birth-keeper has been a long time coming but it’s taken some good old fashioned life lessons to shape me into a doula who can truly serve families at the level that they – you – deserve. It is an true privilege to support families through pregnancy, labour and the postnatal period and I am constantly working on myself so that I can be an abundant resource for my wonderful clients.

I am available across Sydney for homebirths, birth centre and hospital births in areas such as the Hurstville, Kogarah, Sutherland, Bankstown, Parramatta, Liverpool, Campbelltown, Eastern Suburbs and the Inner West.

Contact me to arrange a complimentary meeting (I’ll come to you).

P.S. Congratulations on the coming of your precious little-one! May you have all the support you desire.
"Not sure how to begin to thank you. Your persistent emotional support and encouragement took me on the journey I needed to undergo, in order to have the beautiful birth I did. It truly was the birth of my dreams. Your role in it was invaluable, from your dedication throughout the pregnancy, to your help and support during the labour and birth. Because of your help, Julian was brought into this world in the most peaceful, tranquil way.
We will be forever grateful.
<3 Danielle, Giovanni and Julian
Services Offered
- Minimum 2-4 face-to-face meetings during pregnancy. This is where we get to know each other and prepare for your birth.
- Accompanying you to at least one antenatal appointment,
- Availability by phone or email throughout pregnancy and postnatally to answer your questions, check-in and generally provide support,
- Attending to you throughout labour until 2 hours after the birth.
- Postnatal visit to check in on you and have a birth debrief.

As part of the services above, I will:
- Listen to you - your previous birth experiences, your dreams, your desires and concerns; whatever it is you want to express!
- Ensure you know all the choices available to you and help you navigate the streams of information.
- Support you in whatever decisions you make on behalf of yourself and your baby.
- Help you customise your personal birth plan.
- Advocate for you during pregnancy and labour so you can go 'into your zone' and enjoy the birth of your baby.
- Maintain your dream atmosphere during labour and hold the space so you can be in the moment.
- Direct you to resources including local antenatal preparation classes, books, articles, videos, documentaries, positive birth stories, meditations, labour & labour preparation techniques. Also personally verified practitioners - Naturopathy, Pilates, Neuro-Emotional Technique, Applied Kinesiology, 5 Element Acupuncture (classical) and TCM Acupuncture (traditional), Chiropractics, Network Spinal Analysis, Reiki, etc
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