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Lee Reicheneder
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Birthing Individuals
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Since 2014
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Birthing Doula, Postnatal Doula
Childbirth International
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My name is Lee, I am a Pregnancy & Birth Doula, a Student Childbirth Educator, Lvl 2 Herbal Alchemist, and Student Trauma Informed Proffesional. I have spent several years working in the childcare field (after school care, occasional care, long day care and family day care) including as a Room Leader.
I have 4 beautiful children with different birth for each (hospital vaginal birth, breech vaginal birth, caesarean birth, and homebirth after caesarean) and am a gentle parenting, babywearing, cosleeping Mama Bear.

I support all birth choices be it unmedicated, medicated, cesarean, vaginal, hospital or home without judgement and with loving care regardless of the pathways you choose during your own individual journeys into parenthood.

Over the last few years I have been blessed to have been invited along to support various family units on their own individual journeys.

I believe every birthing individual is entitled to an empowering pregnancy and birth journey. We already have enough people sharing horror stories, lets start sharing our empowering ones.
I also offer virtual prenatal and postnatal consults and education to all regardless of where in Australia you are.
" Lee is very helpful and supportive throughout my pregnancy. She'll be there for you 24/7. As a first time mother, I've got so many things to ask and she's been very informative about everything." - DWI

"I can't recommend Lee enough, she was a very big part of my Sons pregnancy and his birth. I honestly could not have done it without her, she reassured me, gave me advice when i needed it and never pushed me to make a decision when i didn't want too.
and she gives a mean back massage" - AMY

"I feel so lucky to have found Lee. I knew that understanding my needs would take someone with intuition, compassion and an open mind. I can feel awkward asking for things, Lee was so good at knowing how to be there for me in a way that made me comfortable. Sometimes what I wanted from my Doula was a friend to call who could hold that space for me. (For as long as I needed! ) Lee came through every time. Having someone who could guide me through the practicalities of planning a homebirth along with navigating the jungle of paperwork after baby was priceless. The scope of Lee's knowledge is astounding, any questions I had I knew she could direct me to finding the answer" - Lynsey
Services Offered
- VBAC Specific 12hr (4×3hr) Group Classes
- Standard 12hr Childbirth Ed Group Classes
- Pregnancy Doula Support (in person)
- Pregnancy & Birth Support (in person)
- Postpartum Support (in person)
- Virtual Prenatal Consults (online consult)
- Virtual Postnatal Consult (online consult)
- Virtual Childbirth Education (online)

Other Skills
Student Childbirth Educator
Level 2 Herbal Alchemist
Childrens Services Diploma - Partitial Completion
Childrens Services Certificate III
Business Certificate II
Working With Vulnerable People Card - Current
First Aid Certificate