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Christine Stavrakis
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Christine Stavrakis
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Birth Support Australia
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0438-690-110 (mob) (03) 9484-2730 (home)
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Birthing Doula, Postnatal Doula
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'To offer one-self as a faithful companion to another woman on life's greatest journey, that into motherhood, is a conscious, considered & committed choice. It is a decision that illustrates deep respect for women, belief in the power, the beauty & the passion of birth, & recognition that the way we birth & nurture ... our children has profound effects on the whole of our lives & those of our families'. Vicki Chan

I am a doula and also a second-year midwifery student, with three kids (18, 17 and 11). I feel it is a must that every woman is educated so that they can make the right decisions about their birth experience. Giving birth is a natural event, and every woman can be involved in the decision-making process and can come away from the birth satisfied that they were involved and had a 'voice'.

Giving birth is a beautiful, wondrous, exciting and scary time- nothing compares or even comes close to it. Having a doula allows you to 'own' your birth and make the choices you feel are right for you.

I will support you throughout your pregnancy, labour and beyond. I will make sure that your wishes are complied with (as closely as possible) and that you are fully informed every step of the way. Statistically, births which have a doula present have a 65% lower chance of having interventions including epidurals and pain relief.

I have worked extensively with Dr Amber Moore and feel absolutely privileged to be a part of this miracle. I am very passionate about empowering women and helping them through this life-changing process.

I have been at many types of birth- vaginal (forceps, vacuum, epidural, without any drugs, VBAC, pre-eclampsia) and caesarian (planned and emergency).
In (October) 2010, I was pregnant with my first child. As this was my first birth experience, I attended a weekend birthing class to educate myself on birth and labour. In this class, a doula was strongly recommended in order to have an empowering and supported birth experience. When I chatted to my obstetrician about engaging a doula, she highly recommended Christine, having worked with her previously, so I engaged Christine to be my doula - and am so glad that I did as her support and care during my labour and birth was absolutely invaluable to both myself and my husband.

Before my birth, Christine met with my husband and myself a number of times. She talked us through the birth and labour process and was supportive and informative about everything from our questions about labour, to helping us construct a birth plan, to explaining her involvement and support during the labour and birth process. Christine was also attentive and supportive in ensuring that we had a back-up doula and connecting us with this doula as a 'just in case' measure, which luckily we didn't need - however we appreciated the attention to detail in ensuring that there was some one on stand-by if needed. In the few weeks leading up to my labour, Christine was in contact every few days to check-in and ensure I was doing okay which I really appreciated.

On the first day of my labour (yes there was more than one day!), Christine met my husband and I in the hospital in the morning. My labour ended up being an extraordinary 44 hours.... and Christine supported both my husband and I throughout the entire experience. Christine's support involved ensuring that the hospital midwives were conscious of our birth plan, helping to set-up the birthing suite as a positive calming environment, talking to my husband and I about the process as it was unfolding, and largely and for the most part - being hands on support during my birth. I had a posterior labour - which meant that I had excruciating back pain during most of my labour, and Christine was absolutely magic ... she massaged my back for literally two days straight and supported me to be in positive birthing positions that helped me to manage the back pain.

Services Offered
I offer several types of packages: a pre-natal only package; a birth only package; a post-natal package or a combination of the above.

I will meet you a minimum of 3 times before the birth (more if you wish), and go through an extensive amount of material in order to give you the different choices you have during labour. I will also help you make a birth plan and bring it with me to the hospital (in case you forget) and make the staff aware of it so that it can be followed as closely as possible. I am also able to show you and practise different positions for labour and delivery. Two weeks prior and two weeks after your delivery date, I am available twenty-four hours. I also work with a back-up doula, in case there is some kind of emergency. I can guarantee that you will not be left alone during your labour.

When labour commences, I will meet you at the hospital (at home if you are very nervous) and stay with you for the duration of the birth and one or two hours afterwards, to help you adjust to the new arrival and make sure everything is as it should be. After that I will leave to allow some private time alone with your new baby, family and friends.

After the birth of your baby, I will again come to your house for a minimum of 2 post-natal visits (more if you wish), to check that things have settled down (as much as they possibly can!!!) and do whatever you need me to do to make it more comfortable for you and your family.

I also have quite an extensive library that I lend to my clients on various childbirth issues.

All requests will be given due consideration.

I also have a back-up doula in the extraordinary event (never happened) that I cannot be there.
Other Skills
- student midwife
-extensive and excellent skills in working with children (have a 'Working with Children' permit).

-previously worked in a creche and as a teacher, and have vast knowledge and experience in working with children from newborn to teenagers.

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