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“There is a power that comes to women when they give birth. They don’t ask for it, it simply invades them. Accumulates like clouds on the horizon and passes through, carrying the child with it” - Sheryl Feldman

Do you want to deepen your trust in your body, build a clear vision of your birth and equip yourself with the skills and knowledge for an empowered birth experience? Our in depth sessions will assist you to:

♦ Connect to your birthing experience with confidence and clarity
♦ Shift previous birth trauma/limiting birth beliefs
♦ Learn skills to assist with pain relief and to assist with each stage of labour
♦ Develop a self care practice to nourish you during your pregnancy and postpartum period
♦ Maximise your birthing potential
♦ Learn breathing, mindfulness and sound techniques to use throughout labour & birth
♦ Deepen bonding with your baby
♦ Increase opportunity for partner involvement and support

Premium Packages also include:
♦ Option of a tailored Blessing-way ceremony to celebrate you as a mother!
♦ Option for professional photographic services to capture this special time
♦ Develop a tailored yoga practice/plan to nourish and prepare your body for optimal birth

Birth is a deeply transformative experience and as you prepare to meet your baby it is important to nurture yourself and set your intention for your birth vision. You have all you need within you for this journey and with the right support team and effective birth skills you are one step further towards an empowered, supported positive birth experience.

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Eleanor is a qualified birth assistant, yoga teacher and student midwife based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and is passionate about birth and the threshold space inhabited during the birthing process. She has an intuitive, calm and caring nature and works with awareness and respect for each woman’s individual needs and birth choices.


Eleanor was a key piece in successfully achieving my VBAC. She helped me define what I really wanted giving me the necessary information in a very gentle way . She was always supportive, available and respectful of my choices and helped me achieve some closure of my first traumatic birth experience. The day of the birth she advocated for me and worked nicely with my midwife and husband to support me all along without feeling any intrusiveness at any point. She was just perfect and more than I was hoping for. I could not have achieved my goal without her. I definitely recommend Eleanor if you are attempting a VBAC as she is very knowledgeable of the sort of fears you are facing – Marian

Eleanor was my shining light throughout my pregnancy, labour and birth. She was with me every step of the way and helped me feel so empowered to birth my beautiful boy just as l wanted. She has an extremely calming nature and held me and my space with confidence. I will most definitely be using Eleanor for my next bub! – Jane
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