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Melissa Smith
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I am deeply passionate about childbirth and believe that one to one care from a midwife or doula is the key to a better birthing experience. Childbirth is normal and the medicalisation of childbirth has removed much of what is wonderful from the experience. As a doula I try to bring into the room a sense of calm and confidence in the women. I have helped many women through their labour, with massage, hugs, homeopathy, talking, movement, normalising, and offering alternatives to the offered medical pain relief. Taking the pressure off the partner to be the sole carer without pushing him out is also something I feel is important so I can . Its a team effort and we have a common aim - a fantastic birth that in no way compromises the health of the mum or the baby. As your doula I will help with birth plans, the labour, birth and postnatal period.
had a 4 day pre-labour which left us confused and exhausted, but Melissa was always at the end of the phone giving support, at one point she came over at 11pm and stayed til 6am to make sure I was ok. Once labour had started, she was there with her calm suggestions for breathing and positions. Throughout, melissa was a continual support to me and my husband, with her there an experience that could easily have been overwhelming remained in our control. She is an extraordinary person. Having her involved was was the best decision I made during pregnancy.
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2 pre birth visits 1 to meet 1 to go over birth plan 1 birth phone support 2 postnatal visit 1 in hospital and 1 at home 5 to 7 days after birth.
Other Skills
I also offer to take photo of you and your family and show you how to make a album