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Emma is sadly stepping back from supporting births at the moment. I wish you all the very best with finding the perfect doula for your birth.

Birth is one moment in life that will replay in your mind for an eternity.

My name is Emma and for 7 years I have been blessed with supporting couples through their pregnancy, birth and transition to parenthood, specializing in VBAC but in particular vaginal births after multiple caesarean otherwise known as VBAMC.

Birth I feel is such a special and life changing moment, one that is unique for each and every person and one that should be respected, supported and remembered.

As a doula I listen to your ideas, and give you the support you require to help bring them to life. I work with you and your partner to over come any fears that you may be having whilst educating you on the many choices you have available for birth and preparing for others that may arise during labour.

I bring my knowledge, experience and most of all my heart to each and every one of my clients and I am available to you whenever and however you may need me.

As mentioned I specialize in VBAC/VBAMC support and to date have supported many couples in an assortment of births including Vaginal, successful VBAC's, VBA2C, VBA3C, VBA4C, HBA4C (vaginal hospital birth and homebirth after 2, 3 and 4 caesareans), Twins, elective and emergency Caeasarean, Calmbirth, Hypnobirth, medicated and non medicated, inductions, homebirth's, public hospitals, private hospitals and birth centres births throughout Sydney, the Central Coast and Newcastle.

Additionally I am a mother to 5 children who has personally experienced quite an assortment of births which have included inductions, pain relief, no pain relief, vaginal births, emergency Caesarean section and a home birth after caesarean otherwise known as HBAC.
~ THE BIRTH OF JAMIE, Successful VBA4C ~

When I first contacted Emma, I had already given birth 7 times. I'd had 3 vaginal deliveries & 4 caesarean sections. With my 8th baby I was determined to have another vaginal birth.

After several failed VBAC attempts, confidence in my birthing ability was at an all-time low. Emma changed that!!!

From our first conversation Emma was incredibly supportive & positive. Many Doctors, midwives, even family & friends told me I couldn't, or shouldn't, attempt a natural birth after so many caesars, but Emma never once gave me any negativity. During my pregnancy she provided priceless bits of advice & as much reading material as I liked which helped to boost my self-confidence & empower me to have the birth I was so determined to experience again.

During labour, Emma was exactly what I wanted. She provided encouragement & support from the moment I needed it. She suggested positions to help labour progress, as well as acting as a go between with the midwives when I was too incoherent to deal with anyone. I have never met anyone who was so attuned to what I needed during labour & birth as Emma was.

Emma's amazing support gave me the inner strength to have the positive birth experience that I so desperately wanted & without her I would not have achieved it. I am forever grateful for her belief in me & I would recommend her services, whether you're a first time mum or experienced at giving birth like me.

Thankyou Emma, You're an amazing person!!!

Gerri Wolfe Successful VBA4C
John Hunter Hospital



I can not say enough about how amazing I think Emma is in helping me achieve the best birth possible with my second child. It was the most empowering experience of my life and Emma was instrumental in giving me the information, tools and encouragement both before the labour and during which helped me have an amazing birth.

I researched having a doula as I neared the end of my pregnancy when I realised that I had concerns emotionally with the upcoming birth, due to my first birth having not gone very well and leaving me a little traumatised.

Emma was brilliant at addressing these concerns and giving me advice and fantastic books and dvds prior to birth.

During the actual birth she did an amazing job at home with me while I labored, using massage techniques which really helped with the contractions. My husband was not sure at the beginning about using a doula, but after seeing her tireless massaging and ability to ensure I had everything I needed and more, he was so happy and relieved she was there.

At the hospital, Emma helped to ensure a smooth transition into the birth pool with hospital staff, she put on music and darkened the room and then continued with massage and encouragement. I had the birth I longed for, a natural water birth and was ecstatic. I can not recommend Emma more highly.

Paula Gordon
Manly Hospital



We decided to have Emma to attend the birth of our second child, after I experienced significant trauma and months of sickness after birthing my first child. I really just wanted someone there who knew my history and could advocate for what I needed to happen with the midwives and doctors if necessary.

Having Emma be involved from early in the pregnancy right through to well after the birth exceeded our expectations in so many ways. We could not have anticipated how much Emma's knowledge and support assisted us to prepare for the reality of birth, and how much this preparation assisted us to remain calm and confident throughout the birthing process.

Her presence at the birth itself made such a difference. I'm not going to say it didn't hurt, but on a practical level, Emma knew just what to do to make the pain more manageable and was by our side the entire time doing the hard physical side of birth support, like massage and physically holding me up. This really freed my husband to provide more of an emotional loving support, like holding my hand and talking to me, which meant he was able to enjoy the birth much more than the first time around.

On an emotional level, we both felt calm and strong knowing we were fully supported by someone we trusted, freeing us to really connect with each other through the birthing process. We believe this has made a lasting positive impact in our bonding with our daughter and also in our relationship with each other in the early stages of caring for our new baby.

I think just about everyone would benefit from having a doula attend their birth - and I would highly recommend Emma as someone with the skills, compassion and strength to help you have the birth you want.

Melissa and Ashley Cox
John Hunter Birth Centre

Services Offered
Birth Doula including extensive birth support services.
Placenta Encapsulation

Visit website for a full listing of services

* Initial obligation free meeting with you and your partner so you can get a feel of who I am and ask any question you may have to assist you with your decision of hiring a doula

* Pre-arranged number of Pre-natal meetings in the comfort of your own home to help conceptualise your ideal birth, develop a birth plan and to prepare you for your birth through education of your choices and methods that can benefit you and your labour

* Support from the onset of labour or from a time when you feel you require my presence, for the entire labour be this 7 hours or 70 hours until you have birthed and fed your baby and are settled and comfortable for me to leave ~ This could be at home or at hospital

* Informational, physical and emotional support, along with comfort measures, maintanence of birthing environment and other strategies to assist both you and your partner during labour

* Postnatal visit to debrief and discuss your birth experience. Assistance with anything that may be on your mind at that time or that you may need a little extra help with

* Available by phone or email at anytime during your pregnancy for the first month after birth

* Library of resources for you to borrow including articles, books, CD's, DVD's, Pink Kits and birth balls

* Experienced back up doula

* Labour and Birth photography if circumstances allow

* Extra visits can be arranged if needed

** I also offer Placenta Encapsulations free of charge to all of my clients.
Other Skills
** Specialist Doula for VBAC and VBAMC support

** A co-ordinater of the Sydney and Central Coast VBAC/NBAC support group held monthly

** Placenta Encapsulation covering Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast