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Erika Munton - Helping you create your best transition into life as a parent
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0407 685 933
Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.
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Birthing Doula, Postnatal Doula
Rhea Dempsey Birthing Wisdom 2001, Santa Rosa Women's Health and Birth Centre California 1999
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Attending over 350 births to date and supporting hundreds more, I help you create your best transition into life as a parent. With coaching/counselling, education and personal support you can be more positive, confidence and informed through your pregnancy, birth and beyond. Natural birth is possible. Interventions can be minimised. You (and your partner) can feel proud and strong for the effort you have made in your birth and parenting preparation.

Birth classes for Men only! I am the facilitator for BEER + BUBS classes in Melbourne. Give birth with good support: send him to the pub to learn how!
Sessions are every 4th Mon of every month in Fitzroy North.
Go to to find out more and book him in!

Specializing in birth after caesarean (VBAC) and hypnobirthing. Seeing clients across various locations around Melbourne, and a private consulting room in Ringwood.

Over the last 4 yrs 80% of Birthready clients gave birth without the use of narcotics or epidural in labour. Just as the Cochrane review says, birth attendants make a difference to reducing interventions and increasing natural birthing!

"Words can not fully express how lucky we feel to have found you and how appreciative we are for all you've helped us to achieve. We genuinely believe we couldn't have experienced the birth we wanted without you! Thank you so so much for all your warmth, care, patience, encouragement and knowledge. You helped us give our darling baby what we felt was the absolute best start to life and for that we will be eternally grateful". Cassy and Andy.

Whether this is your first pregnancy or not, are you thinking about how you might best experience the birth of your baby and life there after?

Together we develop a special relationship during the birth and parenting preparation work we do. Whether that's through individual sessions or workshops, you will gain better knowledge, skills, confidence and support in this safe and caring environment. You will feel even more able to navigate your birthing experience.

The continuity of care you receive is so important to better birthing. Research proves it time and again. Now a days women also benefit from realising how the natural birth process can be optimised within the context of todays birthing culture.

* boost confidence and skills to enhance your natural birthing ability
* increase your awareness of the culture around birth and parenting
* know your heath care options and make informed choices
* prepare you and your partner for an empowering birth experience
* feel resourced and ready for the ongoing journey of life as parents

I have over 20 years of experience and am a mother of 2 adult boys. I am a certified doula, childbirth educator, life coach, NLP master practitioner, group facilitator and adventurer of life.

I have personally experienced both labour with a breech baby resulting as a c-section and then a water birth with my second at a free standing birth centre with one-to-one midwifery care.
Dear Erika, We are so grateful to have had your support, guidance and encouragement during Junipers birth. Your expert skills and knowledge of birth was invaluable, and your presence was calming and reassuring through many hours of labour. Thank you for giving me strength when things felt difficult. We appreciate the hard work you did, and we are certain that we couldn't have done it without you! We are so happy with how everything worked out, and are grateful that with your support, Juniper has had the best possible start to life. Our family have so many positive memories surrounding her arrival. Thank you with all our hearts. Niki and Kris
The first time I spoke on the phone with Erika Munton, I felt her positive energy. We soon met for a brief chat and I knew she was the perfect fit for me. Erika naturally relates to people with warmth, empathy and respect. She is genuine, positive and affirming. She connects well with people and has a way of making everyone feel relaxed and at ease. I see this as being very important for hospital births since she is able to listen and communicate well with everyone involved to delicately balance the often-competing interests between the birthing woman’s wishes and hospital protocols. While she educates and empowers women to achieve a natural birth, she is non-judgmental and very respectful of a woman’s individual birth choices. Bibi
After doing your Active birth class last year I ended having a fantastic natural birth (no pain killers, medical intervention or tears).We just wanted to thank you very much for your contribution to this wonderful journey. What I learnt during your class really helped me through the labour and in achieving the goal of a natural birth.  My doula was also fantastic support. Thank you so much! P & A
We felt comfortable immediately after meeting Erika, she has a great sense of humour and is passionate about her role as Doula. On the day she was nothing short of miraculous, she spent as much time on her knees as I did birthing our son!!!

Having her there helped me concentrate and focus on birthing our son. Her instructions and words of support and encouragement were exactly what I needed, I felt totally safe and secure in her hands, always feeling supported and Erika knew what I needed without me asking. For my partner she was an angel. He knew he could help me through if we didn't have a doula but when she arrived he was so relieved and could then relax and enjoy the birth experience with me. She guided him beautifully in ways to help me like massaging exactly as I needed through my contractions.

We were so thrilled that Erika could share our experience, she was supporting, loving, unobtrusive and held the space for us perfectly. We plan on having another child and we will definitely be calling on Erika to help us through again.

Kerry Yean


Erika is a warm, intelligent, and kind doula. Her most winning attribute is her ability to coach women through their labour and encourage them to hold to their birth plan, in so far as it is safely possible. I found Erika's support invaluable. I was in early labour for 48 hours waiting for the baby to turn around from a slightly posterier position. It was quite painful physically and emotionally. I really needed to be coached and supported during this phase by Erika. She slept beside me on the second evening when I didn't think I could go on. She was able to immediately bond with me and make me feel very conformable with her so that I could open up and share what I needed to in order to move on psychologically and allow my body to birth my child.

Lots of love, Natalie Dyer-Rose


And from a woman who had an amazing VBAC:

Erika is so sincere. When she tells you that she believes in you, and that you can do it, you believe her, her words and tone are so honest and heartfelt, and it is a huge benefit during labour to have someone who believes in you, and restore your own faith when you might have lost some yourself. Erika genuinely had faith in my body and my ability to give birth, and was never afraid to tell me so. She was never 'reading from a script' when supporting me, she meant everything she told me, and hearing such honest, supportive words was a great source of comfort and power. She shared my pride and joy when I was going well, and understood and acknowledged my fear and tiredness
I just wanted to take the time to say a very big thank you for our Birth preparation session yesterday. Both Rob and I got so much out of it and you really helped to create a beautiful, safe and secure space to discuss our next birth. I really never thought I'd hear Rob say the word "organic" nor have him come to the realisation that maybe our first birth was more like a medical procedure than an actual life arriving in this world. Erin
Birth skills workshop - Hey Erika. I thought I'd say how great your class was the other night. You create such an open, caring and informative space. We both felt drawn in together by the experience and learned a lot. It was a very special thing to do. Thank you so much! Billy.


"I gave birth to my daughter on Monday morning, completely naturally and drug free!! Who said that a natural delivery after 2 Caesars couldn't be done? I wanted to thank you for your guidance and support, and the role that you played in helping me to achieve the most intense, amazing & powerful moment of my life - bringing my daughter into the world completely under my own steam!

It was a long and difficult journey and I am so glad that I stuck to my guns and I did it!
There were many people that helped me along the way, yourself included and for that I am forever grateful.

Thanks again, Nicole & Garry Comber"
Services Offered
Services Include:

Doula/Birth Attendance
Hypnobirthing sessions
Coaching/NLP - for personal, professional, parenting & partnering challenges
Birthready 2 day active child birth and parenting workshop or private sessions
Birthready - birth skills for pain relief and partner support (2.5hr) Fitzroy Nth
Beer + Bubs - birth education for men at the pub. Fitzroy Nth
Hypnobirthing and calm birthing techniques (individual session or program 4 x 1.5hrs)
Vaginal Birth After Caesarean Preparation and workshops (4hrs)
Caesarean support (pre and post birth)
Post birth debriefing
Parental leave wellness program (Program run from work for women at work)
Home help with your newborn
Other Skills
Go to to register and find out more of all the upcoming workshops. Held in Ringwood.

Birthready 2 day active birth workshop - 9am - 4.30pm in Ringwood East. Held over 2 consecutive Saturdays. (currently offered only privately 2 x 3 hr session)

Beer + Bubs - Birth preparation for men at the pub - 7 - 9.45pm
The Terminus Hotel Fitzroy North 4th Mon of each month.

Birth skills for pain relief and partner support 7 - 9.30pm
Elk Wellbeing - Every 2nd Monday every other month

VBAC - Vaginal birth after caesarean 7 - 9pm
Private consult in your home

These workshops are invaluable for better birth outcomes. They are independently run and fully support women / couples seeking additonal information, skills and guidance for a more positive, connected and healthy transition into life as a parent.
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