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Fran McCombe
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Fran McCombe
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Birthing Doula, Postnatal Doula
Optimum Birth 2005
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My interest in childbirth began after the wonderful natural births of my first three children. After my second child started at school, I felt I was ready to pursue a career doing something I felt passionate about.

Living in Karratha in North West Western Australia, my options were quite limited. As Direct Entry Midwifery Studies were not an option for me at the time, I decided to focus on other ways that I could be a part of the protection of childbirth as a sacred journey belonging to families.

Whilst researching the options available to me for study, I came across a few websites advertising courses for Birth Doulas. Online study was a relatively new thing and it seemed to fit perfectly with my lifestyle, meaning I could work around my family, being flexible to work at my own pace.

After realising that it was my strong and passionate nature that ensured that my babies were born in a way, which upheld my beliefs and rights as a birthing woman, it became important to me to share my voice with those that have a quieter voice. To empower those who felt they had less courage to speak up and perhaps less support for their choices. To protect the sacredness that is the birth of family.

In my role as a birth doula, it was initially my aim to help women who were isolated from family and close friends during the most exciting time in their lives. I aimed to fill a gap in the system, offering childbirth choices and current research and information with no agenda or bias. I wished to reassure women that there was support for them to be confident enough to birth their babies in the Pilbara without having to leave their home-town for distant places where other support may be.

I no longer live in the North West, however I am still deeply passionate about empowering women to unleash the strength they have deep inside them. I often describe being a doula as a support person who ‘holds the space’ for the birthing family. It is my desire to support women to achieve the very best birth that is perfect for them and their partner. My aim is to share the wonder and awe of childbirth with new families and to support them during this time of great change and growth.