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Gaby Rodgers
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Gaby Rodgers
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Sydney, Northern Beaches, North Shore, Eastern Suburbs
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I am a happily married mother with 5 beautiful children living on the Northern Beaches. I have been a Doula since 2004 (a Cert 4 ACCREDITED DOULA) and I am a Childbirth and Doula Educator currently teaching at the Australian Doula College. I have attended over 100 births and have experience in hospital births, birthing centres, caesareans, water births, twins, breech and VBAC's (Vaginal births after a caesareans) and will support you anywhere you choose to have your baby. I feel if a pregnant mother and her partner are fully informed they can make educated choices regarding the birth of their baby leading to a satisfying birth no matter what birthing environment they choose. Birth is unique for each and every person and one that should be respected, supported and remembered.
Gaby was a tremendous support for us both before and during labour. She not only made sure that we both ate before labour kicked in fully, she also supported me so that my husband could grab some much needed sleep. Gaby's knowledge of homeopathics and massage was immensely helpful as labour progressed and having had 5 children herself she helped create a very peaceful atmosphere in the birthing suite. With Gaby's help we managed to achieve a both fast and calm labour despite our daughter being in a posterior position. We would definitely recommend Gaby's services to other couples looking for support through labour and beyond. - Louise & Ben

My husband and I were very glad that we chose Gaby to assist us before, after and during the birth of our son Lachlan. Gaby had a knack for anticipating exactly what I might need during each moment of labour whether it was water, a change in position or simply encouragement. She worked extremely well with everyone on the birth team including my husband, mother and obstetrician. Most importantly, Gaby considered the birth she knew that we wanted above all else and never tried to push any other agenda. She presented us with a lot of information before and after the birth that has allowed us to confidently develop our own parenting style. Alane, Mickey

Dear Gaby, Its hard to find the words that express how thankful we are for having you as our doula. Your encouragement & support on the birth day of our lovely daughter Mia was invaluable. You were exactly what we needed to help us get through, You helped to focus and calm us when we needed & we dont think we could have acheived the birth experience that we wanted without your presence & support Many thanks Gila, Mike and Mia

We were lucky to have Gaby as our doula for the birth of our baby Raz. Gaby battled traffic to come to our house across town, where we spent many hours workshopping our preferences and learning from Gaby's vast store of knowledge and experience in the lead up to the birth. By the day of the birth, Gaby fitted into our little family and was very comfortable in situ with my husband. Even though the birth took a turn at the end (from VBAC to cesarian) Gaby prepared us for all outcomes including preparing a separate cesarian birth wishlist and was supportive of our final decision to undergo a cesarian. The great preparation went a long way to convincing the doctor he should trust we were making very informed decisions and allowing us lots of space (without the usual pressure) to make those decisions. In theatre, we were "given" all our wishes on our birth wishlist. Overall we felt it was "the best cesarian ever" and credit Gaby with laying the foundations to make this happen. Louise & Jason

Having had a bad experience with my first birth, I was determined not to go through the same thing again with my second birth. From the moment I met Gaby, I knew she would be perfect. She has a calm, welcoming and positive nature. I was very lucky to find Gaby. I felt she would be the perfect contrast to my nature (a bit nervous and dramatic). She listened without judgement and didn't impose her beliefs on how I should go about having a baby this time around. If I wanted to take pain relief she would stand by my decision. This was important to me as I knew when crunch time came I may well take all the pain relief I could get. Gaby was very thorough in going through the birthing process with me. I didn't realize how important this would be. I had not gone through full labour the first time (having had an emergency c-section) so I didn't know what to expect. She kept me well informed on the stages of labour. With my first birth, I felt I had handled the pain badly, was overwhelmed by the pain and felt I had lost all control. A few of hours into my labour later, I started to get a bit nervous because the contractions were getting stronger and I knew I needed Gaby there. She was making her way to me through a thunder storm. When she arrived she determined pretty quickly that I was at the

last stage of labour, but without scaring me, she said we needed to go to hospital. Gaby's calm presence and expertise made all the difference. She instinctively knew what to say and do to keep me focussed and let me know it was going to be ok. I arrived at the hospital with my partner and Gaby, fully dilated and I only had to push for 30 mins. I found some of the staff at the hospital a bit intimidating but Gaby was there in contrast and her positive support helped. I had no pain relief and no interventions of any kind. My baby boy was born healthy and best of all I was able to hold him in my arms from the moment he was born. My partner and I could not have asked for a more perfect birth. I know Gaby made this difference and I would recommend her to anyone/everyone having a baby. This was the best decision I made and if I had another child I would want Gaby by my side Sophie, Christof
Services Offered
*Initial obligation free meeting with you and your

partner so you can get a feel of who I am and ask

any questions you may have to assist you with your

decision of hiring a doula

* 3 x prenatal meeting in the comfort of your own

home. This time will allow us to create a rapport

and prepare you for birth and beyond.

*Support at your labour and birth - no matter how

long that is. This includes physical and emotional

support, maintenance of birthing environment

and other strategies to assist both you and your

partner during labour.

* 2 x postnatal visits to debrief and discuss your

birth experience and make sure you are

confident feeding and settling your new baby

* On call status for your labour 24/7 - 2 weeks on

either side of your estimated due date until you

have birthed.

* Extra visits can be arranged if needed (cost to


* Basic birth homeopathy & Australian Bush Flower Essences

* Baby Massage (extra cost)
Other Skills
CERT IV in Doula Support Services
(the only VTAB accreditied course for doulas in Australasia run by the Australian Doula College)

Childbirth, Parenting and Doula Educator currently teaching at the Australian Doula College

Member of the Australian Doula College

Certified and Qualified Infant Massage Instructor

Certified Australian Bush flower Essence Practitioner

Reiki 1 & 2 Practitioner

Police check available

Placenta Encapsulator
Certificate - Blood borne Pathogens & Infection Control for Placenta Encapsulators
Statement of Attainment - SITXFSA101 Practices for Food Safety

Expansive library of resources including books, CD's, DVD's and articles.