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Heli Murray
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02 66856523
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I am a mother of two gorgeous children, an experienced, certified Doula or Birth Attendant, and a certified calmbirth
"Dearest Heli Thank you for helping us to have the birth of our dreams. It has been a joy getting to know you and we will never forget your gift to us. May we always be friends. Tanya and Martin ,2007"
Services Offered
I usually meet with women 3 -4 times before birth. This is all about establishing trust and openness, understanding the physiology of birth, preparing a birth plan, accessing information, and generally sharing storiesover cups of tea! I provide assess to my library, and a complementary belly cast. I provide continuity of care through labour, from when the woman is ready, to a couple of hours after birth. I trust women to birth their babies in the right way for them. I help facilitate communication with caregivers, attend to practical needs such as massage, hydration, heat pack, photos, birth pools,... My focus is a woman's needs. My desire is to keep the birthing space feeling safe, and help maintain the integrity and sacredness of the experience. Mostly I am there as a known, trusted, experienced, woman-towoman emotional support, as women through history have had during labour and birth... I visit after birth 3 or so times, providing gentle reassurance and breastfeeding support in the tender early days. I listen with love as you express your birth experience, and often come with a warm meal!
Other Skills
Calmbirth (R) Practitioner